What’s the Best Gas-Powered Water Pump to Buy?

You’re looking for a gas water pump, but since you’ve found your way here, we know you’re looking for the best gas-powered water pump. But, there are a lot of gas-powered water pumps on the market today, how can you determine which model is the best for you?

Everybody’s idea of the best is different. To help you find the right water pump for your needs, we’ve created a quick buying guide and reviews of the best models that you can currently buy. We’ve decided on this guide only after extensive research of other professional reviews, feedback from owners, and, where possible, combined with hands-on testing.

Scroll down, you’ll find the gas-powered water pumps you can rely on from brands such as Honda, Champion Power Equipment, DuroMax, and NorthStar, with prices starting from under $200 and stretching all the way up to $700. They also come in different sizes (1 – 3 inches) and horsepower. However, if you can’t be bothered to read on and do your research, then check out our comparison table below:

How to buy the best gas-powered water pump for you

Gas-Powered vs. Electric?

Gas-powered water pumps offer portability necessary for outdoor work while providing much higher flow rates for more industrial applications. A gas water pump can move a huge volume of water (up to 160 gallons per minute for a typical 2” model), so it’s used to drain a pool, empty a flooded basement, pump out a flooded trench, fill or empty a water storage tank or reservoir or irrigate a field. However, gas water pumps can only be used outdoors because the engines generate carbon monoxide. And Stronger means noisier, all gas-powered water pumps have higher decibel ratings than comparable electric water pumps.

Electric water pumps must have safety features necessary when working near water. Though limited in overall power, electric water pumps can be used indoors or outdoors and are quieter than gas-powered water pumps.

Clean Vs. Trash?

For most domestic users, a clean water pump will be more sufficient. As the name suggests, these pumps are suitable for water sources that don’t contain any corrosive liquids or medium to large pieces of debris. Ideally used with well-maintained ponds and fountains, flooded areas and large water transfers, a clean water pump will perform to a high standard, providing the water source isn’t contaminated.

A trash pump works in the same way as a clean water pump, but it has a thicker impeller vane and a larger volute discharge opening to pump large amounts of water that have solids. Solids in water are things such as sludge, mud, twigs, and leaves. Trash pumps are most commonly used at construction sites where after digging for the foundation water comes up the surface and cleaning pond sludge. We recommend you use a trash pump (or a semi-trash pump) to pump any source of water that contains even a bit debris or sand.

How many “Inch”?

Gas water pumps are available in 1”, 2”, 3” 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″ sizes with maximum capacity up to 6300 GPM. But if you are choosing a trash pump for home use, select from 1” – 3” models. 2” pump is by far the most common size of gas-powered water transfer pump in use today.

Gallons Per Minute (GPM)

A gas-powered water pump’s GPM rating refers to the water flow during one minute of operation. The higher the GPM, the better the performance. When choosing the best gas-powered water pump, you should look more at GPM more than at horsepower. Most water pumps are rated by GPM, but are also rated by horsepower. And a higher horsepower does not mean a higher GPM.

Run Time

When you’re confronted by a marathon pumping job, a gas-powered water pump with a larger fuel tank will give you more hours of continuous pumping without refueling. A typical gas water pump has a fuel tank around 1 gallon that will provide approximately 2-3 hours of continuous pumping. There is a model from NorthStar which is built with a large fuel tank that can provide more than 10 hours of continuous pumping without the need to refuel – we are talking about the NorthStar Self-Priming Extended Run Semi-Trash Water Pump.

Best Gas-Powered Water Pumps & Reviews

1. DuroMax XP652WP 2” Gas-Powered Portable Water Pump | Editor’s Choice


  • 2-inch dewatering pump with a discharge rate of 158 GPM
  • DuroMax XP 6.5 HP gas engine – uses regular gasoline, no need for messy mixing
  • 1 Gallon Gas Tank/2.4 Hour Run Time
  • Self-priming
  • Aluminum housing and cast- iron impeller
  • 91 ft. pump overhead lift, 26 ft. diction height
  • Automatic Low Oil Shutoff
  • Includes: Intake strainer, threaded hose end connectors, hose clamps, and a toolkit with spark plug wrench.
  • Only clean water
  • 1-year warranty

DuroMax XP652WP Gas-Powered Water Pump | Video by DuroMax
If you’re looking for an economical and portable gas-powered water pump for home or work this pump is for you. This DuroMax XP652WP Gas-Powered Portable Water Pump uses a top-of-the-line, commercial-grade 4-stroke OHV gasoline engine with low oil shutoff and idle control. This reliable, smooth‐running engine provides everything you need on the pumping job – easy‐start convenience, improved power and flow rate, greater fuel efficiency, longer run times and quieter operation. With a 1-gallon gas tank, this pump can run approximately 2.4 hours before needing to refuel.
Weighing just 64 pounds and moving up to 158 gallons per minute, this high-pressure water pump is ideal to drain a pool in no time, empty a flooded basement, pump out a flooded trench, fill or empty a water storage tank or reservoir, irrigate a field, hose down a construction site, help drain a levee breach and more. Plus, the XP652WP has a cast-iron impeller and volute for maximum life and durability. It also comes with a heavy-duty roll frame which ensures safety and security while the pump is being stored or while in use.According to the manufacturer, this gas-powered water pump capable of handling ¼-inch solids. However, as mentioned above, we recommend you use a trash pump or semi-trash pump in any situation in which there is uncertainty that a regular pump will be able to handle the job. Overall, this water pump is portable, powerful, quiet, and affordable – what else could you want in a water pump?

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2. Champion Power Equipment 66520 2-Inch Semi-Trash Water Transfer Pump 


  • 2″ semi-trash pump, able to pass solids up to 9/16″ diameter
  • 196cc OHV Champion Engine with a 0.9 gal. fuel tank.
  • 6.5 HP, 158 gallons per minute maximum delivery, 98 feet total head, 26 feet suction head.
  • Self-priming pump
  • Includes everything you need to start pumping – intake and discharge hoses, clamps, and screens (just add oil and gas)
  • Heavy-duty steel frame protects the pump and motor on all sides
  • Aluminum Pump Housing w/ Cast Iron Volute & Impeller
  • 2-year limited warranty with FREE lifetime technical support

Champion Power Equipment 66520 2-Inch Semi-Trash Water Transfer Pump | Video by Champion Power Equipment

If you are looking for the best trash pump for home uses, then look no further than the Champion Power Equipment 66520. This gas-powered semi-trash pump combines powerful performance with outstanding convenience at an inexpensive price. It’s one of the cheapest trash pumps we’ve ever seen.

Champion Power Equipment has years of experience providing dependable and durable power products designed and engineered in the US for the North American and world markets. This Champion’s water pump is built to pump more water, greater fuel-efficiency and reduced emissions. It is equipped with a 196cc OHV Champion Engine 6.5 HP. This small but mighty engine is widely used in pressure washers, air compressors, cement mixers, snow blowers, log splitters, water transfer pumps and power generators. It comes with a 0.9-gallon fuel tank. When a fuel tank is full, it allows running the pump at least 3 hours continuously. This engine is also designed for safety with the fuel shut-off valve and automatic low oil shut-off sensor.

This semi-trash pump is designed to produce the highest level of performance in the smallest package possible. It pumps water quickly with 158 gallons per minute maximum delivery volume. Capable of passing solid waste up to 9/16 in. in diameter, it is a perfect solution for swimming pools, streams or ponds, water transfer, flood recovery and more.

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3. Honda WB30XT3A 290 GPM 3″ Water Pump


  • 3″ General Purpose Water Pump, 290 gallons per minute, allows up to 5/16in. solids to pass through
  • Durable 160cc Honda GX160 commercial-grade 4-cycle engine, 0.875-gallon fuel tank
  • Self-priming
  • Head lifts 85 ft. and suction lifts 26 ft.
  • Protected By Honda Oil Alert Warning System
  • Heavy Duty Full Frame Protection
  • Abrasion-resistant silicone-carbide seals for extended wear
  • Rigid-mount cast iron volute reduces case wear, increasing the life of the pump
  • Isolation-mounted engine and pump minimize vibration to keep the pump from “walking” away or “burying” itself in soft soil conditions while reducing wear on components to increase the pump’s durability
  • 3-year warranty

There are many reasons to insist on genuine Honda gas-powered water pumps. Most Honda’s water pumps have competitive price, portable design, high efficiency, and strong resale value. This Honda WB30XT3A 290 GPM 3″ Water Pump is one of the most reliable gas-powered water transfer pumps on the market. It has a 3-year residential and commercial warranty.

The core value of this gas-powered water pump is a commercial grade 163cc Honda OHV GX160 4-Cycle Engine. This engine is designed to perform in the most demanding commercial applications and has set the industry standard for reliability and durability. It produces 7.6-pound-Feet (10.3 Nm) at 2,500 rpm net torque. It offers improved fuel economy, lower noise levels, lower vibration, and lower emissions – without sacrificing power output or performance. Overhead Valve design offers cooler, fuel-efficient operation and cast iron cylinder sleeve provide longer service life. This engine has earned the reputation as the preferred engine for construction equipment. Common applications include pressure washers, compressors, log splitters, chipper/shredders, and heavy-duty water transfer pumps.

The Honda WB30XT3A is the best choice for heavy-duty applications since it’s able to pump up to 290 gallons per minute and allows 5/16in. solids to pass through. It’s the perfect option if you’re considering to buy a 3-inch gas-powered water pump.

The bottom line, there is no doubt about this Honda pump. When you choose a Honda’s pump, or a product powered by Honda, you know what you’re getting: a pump you can count on, now and in the future.

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4. Earthquake WP4310 1-inch Water Pump


  • 1-inch inlet/outlet, 38 gallons per minute
  • 43cc Viper 2-cycle engine
  • 0.1-gallon fuel tank
  • Self-priming
  • 23 feet suction head and 56 feet total head lift
  • Carrying handle for easy transport
  • Lightweight and portable only 14 pounds
  • Silicone carbide mechanical seal
  • 1 year for residential use: 90 days for commercial use

If you’re looking for a convenient gas-powered water pump that can provide the power you need, this little Earthquake WP4310 1-inch Water Pump is a perfect choice.

Earthquake WP4310 1-inch Water Pump | By getearthquake.com

This pump is mainly designed for clear water but will handle some sand and dirt, if the job calls for it. It features a high-performance 43cc Viper 2-cycle engine that delivers around 38 gallons of water per minute with a 23 feet suction lift. This small engine is used in EarthQuake’s Mini Gas Tiller/Cultivator which is one of the best-selling and top-rated tillers & cultivators on the market.

This gas-powered water pump is small and lightweight. It can be easily stored on the shelves in your garden sheds. However, the priming is a bit of a hassle. If you start with the pump near the input water level, you can fill the prime tank once and it will start moving water within 30 seconds. If you start with the pump uphill from the source, it takes a long time to prime. And the prime tank may empty as you fill it since the water is flowing out the inlet hose into the water source. So it’s best to start it just barely above the source.

Overall, the Earthquake 4310 is difficult to start but once started it works very well. And Earthquake gives you a generous 5-year residential and 90-day commercial warranty. If you are looking for a lightweight, high volume, very portable, inexpensive water pump, this pump is an excellent choice.

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5. NorthStar Extended Run Semi-Trash Pump, 2 in.


  • 3.5-gallon fuel tank provides more than 10 hours of continuous pumping without the need to refuel
  • 2-inch semi-trash pump, 167 GPM, allows up to 5/8in. solids to pass through
  • Honda GX200 6.5 horsepower engine with Oil Alert
  • Self-priming
  • Suction lift 23 feet, total head lift 98 feet
  • Long-lasting cast iron impeller and volute reduce vibration for semi-trash applications
  • Silicon carbide seals are 2 times harder, 15% tougher, and 50% stronger than common aluminum oxide seals
  • Long-life silicon carbide mechanical seal resists corrosion, wear and heat better than a standard seal
  • 2-year limited warranty

This NorthStar Extended Run Semi-Trash Pump gives you more than 10 hours of continuous pumping without refueling. That’s up to 4 times the run time of typical pumps. The longer running time means one less thing to worry about.

NorthStar Extended Run Semi-Trash Pump | Video by NorthStar

This gas-powered semi-trash pump uses a powerful Honda GX200 6.5 horsepower engine. This Honda engine is renowned for being consistently easy to start. With a unique automatic mechanical decompression system, a heavy-duty recoil rope and advanced variable ignition timing, it’s designed with quick, easy start in mind. The precision-engineered components that come together to form this engine let it run with less vibration and less noise, so they’re a lot better to be around than some other engines. They’re also built to last with minimal maintenance, so you’ll stay on the job with less trouble.

This NorthStar pump is a self-priming pump. It delivers up to 167 gallons of water per minute and allows 5/8in. solids to pass through. Faster and stronger than our top pick. However, this pump is very expensive – one of the most expensive gas-powered water pumps on the market. But we think it’s worth it. If there’s extra room in the budget, or you’re confronted by a marathon pumping job, this pump just may be what you’re looking for.

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6. Honda WX15TA Water Pump


  • 1.5-inch clean water pump, 74 GPM
  • Durable 49cc Honda GXH50 4-stroke engine uses regular gasoline–no need to mix oil and gas
  • Self-priming
  • Compact and easy to use at only 20 lbs
  • Incredibly quiet & virtually smoke-free
  • 2-Year Residential Warranty & 1-Year Commercial Warranty

This another pump from Honda is very small and lightweight. It’s made with quality and reliability in mind. It’s a bit more expensive than other comparable water pumps but we think it’s worth it. One of the quietest gas-powered water pumps you can buy.

This Honda WX15TA uses their own Honda GXH50 Engine. This hand-held engine is a 49.0 cm³ mini 4-stroke overhead cam petrol engine manufactured by Honda. It’s widely used for commercially produced mini tillers, water pumps, hedge cutters, pressure washers, and strimmers.

The size and weight of the GXH50 were reduced through the use of an oil-immersed timing belt overhead-cam configuration that makes it possible to incorporate the valve train into the oil reservoir. This results in an overall weight comparable to that of a two-stroke engine and an unparalleled power-to-weight ratio of 0.18kW/kg. GXH50’s four-stroke technology uses a unique rotary slinger pumping lubrication system, allowing it to be operated or stored in any position, and providing for low noise and vibration to minimize operator fatigue.

The Honda WX10TA is EPA & CARB compliant and weighs only 20 pounds. You get a 1-year commercial warranty or a 2-year consumer warranty depending on how you’re using it. Not only is the pump powerful, but you also get a suction hose, strainer, and garden hose adapter.

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