38 Best Floor Lamps You’re Going To Love

When it comes to adding light to a room, nothing beats the convenience of floor lamps. Floor lamps can be placed next to or behind chairs, couches, tables or beds in your bedroom, living room, or library to provide much-needed illumination without taking up too much space.

Floor lamps offer both widespread ambient lighting and direct task lighting, which are ideal for reading, watching television, or just adding a bright touch to a dark corner. A floor lamp can also be your interior design secret weapon. Each floor lamp has its own unique aesthetic and can make a real impact on the ‘scenery’ of a room.

There are thousands of floor lamps available, so finding the best floor lamp for your space may take a little time. Whether you’re decorating your bedroom, living room, or finding a floor lamp to place behind your favorite reading chair, these 38 stylish floor lamps will add elegance, novelty, and functionality into your living space.

Choose A Floor Lamp Based on The Lighting You Need

Best Floor Lamps for Ambient Lighting

Arc Floor Lamp

Arc floor lamps, also known as arch floor lamps, are floor lamps that have an arched lamp base. Arc floor lamps will often bend so that the light is directly over a couch, chair, or table. These are the best floor lamps to buy if you are looking for some more direct light in your space. This is a great solution for large seating areas and sectionals.

Arc floor lamps are looking great in airy living rooms where they can be located in a reading or lounge area close to a chair or sofa. With a curving arm that can reach up and over sofas and seating areas, arc floor lamps offer a stylish way to provide light for reading and other tasks. Most designs are large enough to provide general room illumination too, making them a perfect addition to living rooms, dens and more.

Arc floor lamps are often used with large lamp shades if it blends with the interior design. You may use some unique lampshade to make a statement, or opt for a metal stand for a glossy minimalistic look.

These are some of the best arc floor lamps on the market that will provide perfect ambient lighting for your space. Some with bright lights make perfect floor reading lamps.

1. Brightech Mason LED Arc Floor Lamp

best arc floor lamp

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This is a perfect floor lamp for your living room. This arc floor lamp with its double drum shade and marble base works well with a variety of interior design styles such as urban, traditional etc. The beautiful, heavy marble base ensures it stands solid even if knocked. Its hanging double lampshade and curved pole will add elegance to your living room, bedroom, den, office, game room, nursery, dorm, or any other room.

This is a great floor lamp to stand up over the living or family room sectional. The low 2″ marble base slides easily under your couch, and you can telescope the adjustable arc up to 44 in from the pole. Enjoy overhead light for reading, knitting, and other hobbies. The 15″ diameter heavy base also makes it wobble-free, ie safe around kids and pets. The tall max height of 81 in fills space in rooms with high ceilings.

This Brightech Mason LED Arc Floor Lamp really is one of the best floor lamps for providing general room lighting. It offers a 3-way dimmer setting that makes it versatile enough to suit whatever mood you’re going for in a space.

This arc floor lamp includes a 9.5 Watt power-saving LED light. Its advanced 3,000K warm white LED technology with 800 lumens allows this lamp to outshine lamps that depend on short-lived, energy consuming standard halogen or incandescent bulbs. This LED lighting will endure for more than 20 years without burning out or overheat.

2. Adesso Bowery Arc Floor Lamp

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Illuminate your space in simply-chic mid-century modern style with this Adesso Bowery Arc Floor Lamp. Crafted of fine-brushed steel in a fashionable finish, this floor lamp features a tubular column post stemming from a round marble base.

An arched arm suspends one hinged light in place, surrounded by an adjustable shade made from light grey fabric. The shade fabric is a soft woven fabric that seems more a grey shade until you turn on then light, and then it looks like the more beige shade of tweed-looking fabric.

Operated by a simple on/off switch, this arc floor lamp accommodates one 100 W incandescent bulb to cast bright light throughout your space. This is one of the best floor lamp options for modern living rooms or it can be a great floor lamp for your reading nook.

3. Kira Home Akira Modern 3-Light Arc Floor Lamp

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This arched floor lamp has an elegant bronze finish and three oatmeal drum shades. This floor lamp looks great and will provide warm ambient lighting to any room bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, offices, foyers, and entryways.

3 light bulbs (LED, CFL or up to 100W traditional incandescent medium base bulbs) provide ample lighting suitable for reading, writing or creating a spotlight in the setting. This 3-light arc floor lamp is perfect to place behind a sofa, couch or sectional in the living room, next to a workspace or table in the office, or in the corner of your bedroom.

Kira modern arc floor lamp includes a mechanical rotary knob/switch on the pole that allows for 3-way lighting to optimize dimming preferences.

4. Brightech Orion 5 LED Arc Floor Lamp

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This modern floor lamp has up to 5 LED lamp heads and each head draws only 4.5 watts, for a total of 22.5 watts. The lights are not too bright but enough to brighten the whole room.

The Brightech Orion has a unique tree design that makes it outstanding wherever it’s placed. The tallest of the 5 Orion heads curves 46 inches high with a half-inch diameter; the shortest reach 35 inches. Once the lights of Orion are perched on their stand, the assembled lamp stands approximately 6-foot-2! The heads bobble and sway whimsically, so you have plenty of open space around them.

The arms of this floor lamp are moveable so you can change the direction the heads face. The on and off switch of the Orion is conveniently located near the top of the central pole. Once assembled, just plug it in and flip the switch to turn it on.

Overall, the Brightech Orion 5 LED Arc Floor Lamp is a beautiful floor lamp that will impress your guests as well as delight your living space. This is one of the best floor lamps to buy if you want to add artistic style and sophistication to your home or office.

5. Brightech Sparq LED Arc Floor Lamp

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One of the most beautiful floor lamps we’ve ever seen is the Brightech Sparq Arc LED Floor Lamp. The thin curved design of this floor lamp has a floating appearance and its lean frame bends over your sofa, desk, workbench, or crafting table in an arc of light.

The slender design of this white floor lamp allows it to illuminate brightly without taking up a lot of space. It stands approximately 65 inches tall and the round weighted base has a 9-inch diameter. The LED light of the lamp has 3 different light levels ranging from super bright to soft, ambient mood lighting so that you can select the perfect lighting for your space.

On the highest light level, this tall floor lamp provides enough light for reading or working. With an outward reach of approximately 47 inches, this LED floor lamp can be placed behind couches, recliners, office chairs, or on the side of a bed and still provide sufficient overhead illumination.

Torchiere Floor Lamp

This is a French name for a tall floor lamp with a long wooden or metal stand. It is also called a torch floor lamp.

Like most modern floor lamps, the torchiere floor lamp can be as versatile in style and application as you need it to be and can fit in any room where indirect illumination fits the look and style of your room. Torchiere floor lamps have a unique way of illuminating a space. They usually have a build-in bowl-shaped lampshade that directs light upwards towards the ceiling. This allows brightening a whole space with only a single fixture.

A typical torchiere floor lamp is a great centerpiece for any room with limited space, but it’s not the best floor lamp option for reading or other tasks that require bright light. Some of today’s torchiere floor lamps feature an adjustable side light that can illuminate any areas not being lit by the upwards facing light, providing both ambient lighting as well as task lighting. This type of floor lamp is also called the tree torchiere floor lamp.

If you’re looking for a torchiere floor lamp, these are some of the best torchiere floor lamps we think you’ll love.

6. Light Accents Torchiere Floor Lamp with Reading Light

torchiere floor lamp for reading

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This torchiere floor lamp from LightAccents provides a modern look to any decor with sleek brushed nickel finish a gently curved white-frosted plastic shade.

This floor lamp features 1 white bowl-shaped plastic shade and adjustable side reading light. The lampshade is 12 inches wide the floor lamp is 72 inches height. The bright side light makes it a perfect reading floor lamp. The reading light on this floor lamp is adjustable. It features a metal gooseneck which can be positioned in any spot and it stays in place. The head has its own on/off switch allowing you the option to turn it on or off independently from the main light of the floor lamp.

The Light Accents Torchiere Floor Lamp with Side Reading Light is a beautiful modern floor lamp that offers both ambient lighting and task lighting. You can place it in the corner of the living room for mood light, behind your reading chair to enjoy your favorite book, or even next to a tall bookshelf to help showcase a collection.

7. WEAFACTORY Tiffany Sea Blue Torchiere Floor Lamp

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Whether you have this lovely tiffany floor lamp turned on or off, you will love the look of its gorgeous, upturned shade, especially if you like the color blue. Rich colors and a lovely design provide an absolutely stunning lamp.

This tiffany floor lamp is made up of dozens of individual sea blue stained glass pieces to make it a gorgeous floor lamp. The stained glass lamp shade is a graphically beautiful combo of deep sea blues/greens when it’s off, and muted blues/greens when it’s on—with twinkling splashes of aqua and champagne thanks to the nuggets/cabochons. You’ll love the reflections on the walls and ceiling that this floor lamp makes.

A tiffany Torchiere lamp is the best floor lamp for those who want to add the classic style of the 19th century to space and create the mesmerizing effect of the colorful shades while providing general lighting.

8. Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp

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This Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp is one of the most popular floor lamps on the market. Brightech combines both style and function with this torchiere floor lamp. Its slender design allows for sliding unobtrusively into the narrowest corners, nooks, and crannies.

With a 30-watt power-saving LED light that generates 2260 lumens of light, this is one of the brightest floor lamps with LED on the market. The light color is warm white, but bright enough to be the only lighting needed in your bedroom or living room.

One of the best features of this floor lamp is its rotating head that easily pivots and shines a light in any direction that you need it. So you can use this floor lamp as a torchiere lamp or a floor reading lamp. This LED floor lamp also powers on and off easily featuring a 3 step dimmer to accommodate your mood and lighting needs.

9. Kenroy Home Mother and Son Torchiere Floor Lamp

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Lend a whimsical touch to any ensemble with this beautiful torchiere floor lamp from Kenroy Home. Crafted from metal, its pedestal style base and slim arm lead into curving branches and leaves for a sculptural look that’s sure to spark conversation.

With a towering 72 inch height, this lively and organically inspired torchiere floor lamp comes to life courtesy of climbing vine details with true-to-life bronze finish stamped leaves. A pair of lights outfitted with frosted glass shades work to provide the right light in any situation, whether you’re watching TV or reading books.

This is the best floor lamp to bring a true outdoor life feeling into your indoor living space. The exceptionally balanced profile of the Ashlen torchiere floor lamp allows it to be easily tucked behind a sofa or flank an earthy-toned reading chair without losing the vine and leaf detail.

10. Brightech Halo Split Modern LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

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Another great Brightech floor lamp that is perfect for modern homes, especially for minimalist-designed space. The modern minimalist design of this floor lamp combines with LED technology will bring the most unique look to your space.

This modern floor lamp is so slim to fit into any tight space. The split head feature allows you to angle the light for practical or style purposes. You can adjust the light to face up or down or cross the heads for a viking helmet style.

Plus, the Halo Split can be operated using wall switches and can even be set up with a smart plug so that it can be connected with Alexa or other smart home devices.

Best Floor Lamps for Reading or Task Lighting

Pharmacy Floor Lamp

Pharmacy floor lamps are the best reading and task floor lamps. A pharmacy floor lamp is perfect for when you need focused high-intensity task lighting, such as reading, sewing, hobbies. It’s popular as a reading lamp for almost any area of the home, and it will also add noticeable character to your rooms.

Many pharmacy floor lamps feature details like adjustable arms giving the user additional control to direct the light. These are some of the best pharmacy floor lamps for reading and task lighting on the market that you’ll love.

11. Dawson Modern Pharmacy Floor Lamp

best floor lamp for reading

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If you’re looking for a reading lamp, this is one of your best bets. The Dawson Modern Pharmacy Floor Lamp is a beautiful classic floor lamp with refined details and a timeless antique brass finish.

This floor lamp has a boom-style arm that can be adjusted to cast light at a variety of angles. You can adjust the height of the arm from 33″ to 55″ so you can change the light for how close to the book you want it, and the shade can also be adjusted so it shines in a certain direction.

This reading floor lamp uses one Incandescent, LED, halogen, or CFL light bulb (60W) that produces very bright light. Overall, this is our pick as the best floor lamp for reading.

12. Jenson Aged Brass Pharmacy Floor Lamp

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We love the look of this pharmacy floor lamp. Its elegant classic design in aged brass will bring a touch of retro refinement to any space you put it in. This is not a true brass floor lamp but the aged brass finish is enough to make it a room’s centerpiece.

This pharmacy floor lamp features a metal tent shade that creates warm downward light ideal for reading or tasks. A convenient swing arm allows for adjustable illumination at a variety of angles.

13. Brightech Leaf Touch LED Floor Lamp

brightech reading floor lamp

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Not only one of the best reading floor lamp, the Brightech Leaf Touch LED Floor Lamp is also the perfect lamp to illuminate for any of your tasks such as knitting, cross-stitching, beading, arts, crafts, woodworking, and other hobbies.

This pretty gold floor lamp brings bright and efficient lighting to your spaces and looks great in a variety of decors. Its slender design allows it to easily fit in any room without taking much space. Its adjustable pivoting head and swing arm allow you to shine the light exactly where you need it most. The lamp’s height is about 53 inches and its arm can either be folded more inward towards the body or extended outward for a reach of 19 inches.

This floor lamp doesn’t produce heat. The power button is conveniently located at the top of the pole. It serves as the dimmer too, so just tap it to turn it on at full brightness, tap it again to dim it to 50%, and tap it once more to bring it down to a mood setting of 30%.

Adjustable LED Floor Lamp

The LED floor lamp is one of the newest advancements in home lighting. LED floor lamps have obvious advantages over older lighting sources – they are very energy efficient and offer big energy savings – up to 50% or more over regular bulbs. These modern floor lamps also have a very long life, so you won’t be replacing them for years to come.

Not only very energy-efficient, the LED floor lamp is also one of the best floor lamp types for reading and task lighting. Many of today’s LED floor lamps produce super bright illumination for a wide area and feature an adjustable gooseneck allows you to change the direction.

If you’re looking for the best reading floor lamp, an adjustable LED floor lamp is right for you. And these are some of the best LED floor lamps available on the market that you don’t want to miss.

14. Miroco LED Floor Lamp

LED floor lamp

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This LED floor lamp produces very bright light that makes it the perfect reading floor lamp. This is a versatile portable floor lamp that can fit easily in any corner of the room, modestly behind a sofa or proudly in the middle of a foyer.

This Miroco adjustable LED floor lamp is a great option for creating a targeted spot of light thanks to its adjustable gooseneck, so you can read every word while it lights up your favorite cozy nook. With 3 colors (warm white / natural white / cool white) and 5 brightness levels (20% / 40% / 60% / 80% / 100%), you can choose from 15 different lightings to master every task at home or in the office.

This floor lamp has a sturdy weighted base which keeps your lamp upright so pets and kids won’t knock it over. Because the height of the lamp is adjustable, you can use it as a reading floor lamp or a table lamp. So you can use this portable LED floor lamp in your home office, study, den, bedroom, workshop or studio, next to your reading chair, sewing machine or work table.

The Miroco LED Floor Lamp is also one of the best floor lamps for providing perfect illumination for intricate handiwork like sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, painting, crocheting, beading, whittling, and cross-stitch.

15. Brightech Litespan Slim LED Reading Floor Lamp

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Need more light for your favorite book armchair? Look no further! This is the best reading lamp for you.

The Brightech Litespan Slim is one of the brightest LED floor lamps on the market with its super bright 2,000 lumens and adjustable color temperature of 3,000K (warm white), 4,500K (mix of warm white & cool white) – 6,000K (cool white). With its 6,000K cool white LED light, you can see every detail clearer and prevent your eye strain.

The lamp provides very clear bright light without glare, what you see is the same light as natural daylight. It has a flexible gooseneck which allows you to adjust the angle up and down or side to side to illuminate your projects perfectly.

The Brightech Litespan LED floor lamp features smart technology that allows the lamp to remember your light setting. You set your light level to your specific task in a range from high to low, the next time that you turn it on you don’t have to readjust the light setting.

Choose A Floor Lamp Based on The Style You Want

Tripod Floor Lamp

With a balance of functionality and elegance, tripod floor lamps are versatile and look fabulous with almost any decor. The tripod styling provides a wide, stable base that rests on the floor with the light at the top.

Some tripod floor lamps are modern are sleek and contemporary, while others give off a vintage industrial vibe that looks great in a city dwelling. These are the best floor lamps to buy if you like the classic look in your home decor, but there are tripod floor lamps that will go with any style of decor in your home whether it’s classic, modern, or industrial.

If you’re looking for a tripod floor lamp, here are some of the best tripod floor lamps you’ll love. If you’re looking for tripod floor lamps for sale, Amazon has several options sure to satisfy you.

16. LEPOWER Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

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This wooden tripod floor lamp is a neutral lamp that will shine on your favorite element in the room. With a clean-lined tripod design, this floor lamp is perfect for lighting your living room, den, bedroom, or office with a touch of contemporary style.

The drum shade is made of high-quality flaxen and conceals one light-bulb (LED or Incandescent) of up to 60 W, which can be turned on with a foot switch conveniently located at the cord of the lamp shade for quick and easy use.

17. Decoluce Vintage Tripod Floor Lamp

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One of the best vintage floor lamps that will give a new lease of life into your space is the Decoluce Vintage Tripod Floor Lamp. Covered by an eye-catching vintage design, boasting a sturdy tripod construction, this piece is completely handcrafted from metal and wood for a unique look.

This tripod floor lamp features an adjustable lamp head and tripod legs so you can be sure to get the right position. Whether you want to create background or accent lighting the changeable positions give you complete flexibility to adapt the light to any surrounding.

18. Modern Designer Reflector Studio Tripod Floor Lamp

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Lights, camera, action! Be the star of the show with the Studio Tripod Floor Lamp. This tripod floor lamp has a futuristic satellite dish design, giving your decor a modern and industrial look.

Featuring a large, adjustable dome-shaped head and a gleaming chrome finish, this tripod makes an eye-catching feature piece. The sturdy tripod stand finishes the look with a minimalist yet nostalgic 80s vibe. Featuring a distinctive black and white cable and in-line foot switch.

This piece of art is a unique and tasteful presence, showing personal charm, attracting attention and becoming a topic.

Tree Floor Lamp

When there are two or more branches on one single stand, such floor lamps are called tree floor lamps. The branches are usually adjustable, and the bulbs can be turned on and off separately. Therefore, tree floor lamps can be a very effective lighting solution for different purposes.

Some tree floor lamps provide very bright light that is ideal for reading and task lighting, while some offer ambient lighting and look fantastic in modern interior. If you’re looking at this type of lamp, here are some of the best tree floor lamps on the market that you’ll love.

19. Brightech Jacob LED Reading Tree Floor Lamp

gold tree floor lamp

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The Brightech’s stylish Jacob lamp is one of the best and brightest floor lamps for reading you can buy. With up to 2,400 lumens of light from the 3 included LED bulbs – equal to 180W incandescent – the Jacob blazes bright enough to be the only lighting in your bedroom, family room or living room.

3 omnidirectional light fixtures can adjust 360° to shine all corners of your room. Each swivel head rotates separately, so you can place the light next to your couch, point the heads to each seat on the sectional and have many people reading at once.

With its beautiful brass / gold finish and minimalistic sleek lines, the Brightech Jacob has an exceptionally classy look of an ageless design.

20. LEONLITE 65inch Track Tree Floor Lamp

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This tree floor lamp with its retro design will be a bright spot in your living room and bedroom. Mesh cage lampshade design, visual shape with excellent light transmission and 360°all-round beam angle. Three adjustable mesh cage light head with 180°up and down rotated operation, so you can direct the light exactly where you need it, creating a well-lit relax station or cheerful nook.

21. Medusa 5 Light Standing Lamp

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This is the best floor lamp to buy if you want a lamp that offers both function and contemporary style. Featuring five flexible gooseneck arms, this multipurpose modern floor lamp allows you to focus light where you need it and the three-stage switch lets you select whether you would like two lights, three lights or all five lights on. This feature comes in handy when you want just a little light to create a mood or all five lights on to light up your room.

Designed for use with five 25 watt candelabra base bulbs or the LED equivalent, this tall floor lamp is ideal for giving any room a comfortable ambiance. Its versatile design makes it ideal for many living spaces and will enhance your lighting needs in the living room, bedroom, multipurpose room, office or dorm room.

Contemporary & Modern Floor Lamp

Modern floor lamps usually feature sharp edges and angles and are typically made in a regular geometric shape. They are not pretentious and can easily complement any contemporary interior.

Modern floor lamps are made with a wide variety of finishes, including silver, pewter, and chrome. You can combine these different materials in a single floor lamp to create a modern look in your living room, bedroom, or home office. Light metals, like pewter and chrome, pair well with a wide variety of textures and colors, including blues and creams. If you like rich hues, like red and orange, then you may want to pair your furniture textiles with copper floor lamps or gold floor lamps.

Decorating with contemporary and modern floor lamps is easy and fun. If you’re looking for a modern floor lamp, here are some of the best modern floor lamps on the market that will be standing out in any room as well as perfect for reading and task lighting.

22. The Stix Collection Floor Lamp By Adesso Home

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Inspired by the rich textures and treatments of the Orient, Adesso’s Stix lanterns enliven any room with their gorgeous aesthetic. The towering fixture features a modern black-metal lantern frame that brings sleek, slender lines.

The frame of this modern floor lamp is a twisting black metal tower. On either side of each corner a thin vertical cane rod is connected to the frame top and bottom. Thin black cane sticks are stacked and woven on each end to those vertical rods, resulting in the appearance of a stick tower.

Behind the rods, fabric-like beige paper shades gently diffuse the light, which cast just enough brightness to quietly illumine a dark corner, hallway, or other living space. Its miniature ball-style feet prevent scratching and damage to carpeting, wood, tile, and other flooring surfaces.

The lantern type standing lamp is the best floor lamp for those who want to add a very warm, soft glow lighting to space. This modern floor lamp blends with many different decors and it looks amazingly beautiful in a corner to light up the night.

23. Brightech Eclipse LED Floor Lamp

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Not only one of the best floor lamps for the money, this Brightech Eclipse LED floor lamp is also among the top-rated modern floor lamps on the market. This lamp two circular rings with 28 Watts of long-lasting, power-saving LED light source.

The twin rings of the Eclipse LED floor lamp provide bright lighting for any room or office space. Its 2,000 lumens and 3,000-kelvin color temperature shine bright white light that is perfect for reading, watching movies, drawing, arts, and crafts, and studying. You can select among 3 different light levels ranging from super bright to soft, ambient mood lighting so that you can attain the perfect lighting for your space.

The unique style of this modern floor lamp will amaze and impress all of your guests. Its slender design makes this futuristic lamp the perfect choice for small spaces that need a dimmable bright light. The outer ring is 18 inches and the inner ring is 14 inches in diameter and both are adjustable.

24. Brightech Twist Modern Floor Lamp

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The unique, modern style of the Brightech Twist Floor Lamp will look great in any bedroom, living room, dorm, or office with contemporary or mid-century modern décor.

This modern floor lamp has a very futuristic design with two LED lights that spiral up to 43 inches. This makes the lamp looks unique and fabulous a great conversation piece. The twisting fixture lets the light shine out from any direction so the lamp can be placed just about anywhere in the room.

The Twist floor lamp has a dimmable foot pedal that allows you to set the light according to your task or mood. Use the highest setting for work and tasks in your office or dorm and the lowest setting for a comfortable mood in your family room or bedroom.

Choose A Floor Lamp Based on The Features You Want

Floor Lamp with Shelves

If you’re looking for a space-saving design, consider a floor lamp with shelves built into the lamp. These floor lamps provide general lighting as well as a handy spot to place books, remote controls, drinks, and more. It’s a great way to get more storage space, especially if you live in a smaller home or apartment.

If you’re looking for a floor lamp with built-in shelving, these are some of the best floor lamps with shelves that will suit your needs.

25. Simple Designs Etagere Organizer Storage Floor Lamp

floor lamp with shelves

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Illuminate your living space in style with the Etagere Organizer Storage Floor Lamp from Simple Designs. This floor lamp adds versatility as its three lower shelves can be used to display photographs and other memorabilia while a rectangular linen shade in the top section of the light diffuses light, casting a soft glow on the room.

26. Adesso Trio Floor Lamp with Shelves

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The Adesso Trio 3-Light Floor Lamp offers plenty of warm, bright light as well as a convenient storage solution for your home. The lamp has three brushed steel poles secured in a round base that each holds a white, linen cylindrical shade. All three lamps have their own easy-to-use pull chain switch that allows you to control each lamp individually for adjustable levels of light.

This modern lighting fixture not only brightens your home, but also offer space-efficient storage solutions. It features two clear acrylic shelves for display or storage purposes.

27. Brightech Maxwell Charging Edition – LED Shelf Floor Lamp

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Not only one of the best floor lamps with shelves you can buy, this Brightech floor lamp is also one of the cheapest options. This tall freestanding lamp lends a soft ambient glow to contemporary spaces while providing a 3 tiered display shelving for added convenience.

Not only including shelves for more storage space, this floor lamp includes ports for charging your phone and laptop. It has USB ports (2) on the top tier and a US electrical outlet for laptops, tablets, iPads etc. Perfect for your loud portable Bluetooth speakers. Plus, this is a smart floor lamp that also works with smart outlets that are Alexa, Google Home Assistant (/Mini), or Apple SmartKit enabled, to turn on/off.

Besides the great function, it comes with great style. The lamp features an off-white shade that opens at the top to soften brightness and filter light into a diffused glow through its translucent panels. Diffused shaded light provides an easy on the eyes solution to the harsh brightness of traditional light fixtures so that you can feel calm and relaxed in your space.

28. Catalina Lighting Modern Floor Lamp with Shelves

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A painted white finish with beige linen shade and two shelves of utility on this shelf floor lamp creates a functional, contemporary appeal. Topped by an ivory modified drum shade, this 1-light fixture rewards your residence with style and soft, ambient light. The convenient 3-way rotary switch on the socket allows you to choose between low, medium or high levels of light.

This floor lamp with shelves will suit a variety of styles including modern, transitional, contemporary, industrial and traditional decor.

Floor Lamp with a Table

Like the floor lamp with shelves, a floor lamp with a table or tray is a great option for an all-in-one lighting and storage solution in the living room or bedroom. Combining the tabletop lamp with the table itself, these designs are perfect for the bedside or next to your favorite reading chair, office chair. Use floor lamps with attached tray tables to hold books, drinks or remotes.

There are many table floor lamps available on the market in many different styles, materials, and colors. These are some of the best floor lamp options with beautiful trays or tables that you may be interested in.

29. Rivet Mid-Century Floor Lamp and Round Wood Table

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This mid-century floor lamp has a sturdy appearance with a brushed brass finish conical metal base. It is stylish and looks like a real mid-century product. The lamp has a matching brass pole and linen shade is designed not to be visible directly, so the glare can be suppressed and it will not make the uncomfortable feeling to you. The soft lighting is entirely suitable for you to read a book quietly and drink a cup of coffee for relaxing.

30. Wellmet Modern Tripod Floor Lamp with Wooden Shelves

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The Wellmet Modern Tripod Floor Lamp is perfect for the bedroom or reading nook. This tripod floor lamp features its own table, complete with a neutral lampshade for soft lighting to make you feel warm and relaxed.

This functional and stylish table floor lamp blends modern inspired design with sleek contemporary finishes for a timeless look that compliments an array of home furnishings.

The tripod legs of this floor lamp add a modern feel to your room and give a sturdy base so that you may utilize the round tray table with confidence. Ideal for keeping small objects within arms reach, such as your latest book or the television remote, the tray table maximizes functionality without taking up floor space.

31. Brightech Madison LED Table Floor Lamp with USB Charging Ports

table floor lamp

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The Brightech table lamp is one of the best floor lamps for your bedroom. This is a perfect bedside floor lamp as it is a side table with a built-in LED lamp and 2 USB charging ports plus an outlet that allow you to charge your mobile devices or plug in your computer when you’re on the bed.

This is a very convenient feature. With this side table floor lamp, you can wake up with your cell phone and laptop fully charged. It‘s also a great reading floor lamp that provides the perfect light for bedtime reading. The stylish and functional design of this floor lamp works great in both modern and contemporary homes.

More Floor Lamp Ideas for Your Space

Industrial Floor Lamp

Industrial floor lamps are very popular among homeowners and interior designers. These lamps come in modern designs but are also a great choice when it comes to lighting your home.

Industrial floor lamps usually come with dark metal and creative light bulbs and they can work well in most spaces large or small.

32. Kira Home Lantern 58″ Industrial Floor Lamp

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This floor lamp is the perfect pick for offering an industrial-inspired, modern accent to your home. This industrial floor lamp is crafted from steel in a black brushed pewter finish with an adjustable cage fixture.

This charming design strikes a tall, shepherd’s hook silhouette with a lathed column shaft and a heavy weighted base for added stability. The lantern-style fixture features a simple canopy, while a cage ensconces the included Edison bulb.

33. Globe Electric 12937 Holden Floor Lamp

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This floor lamp will bring an industrial and minimalist style into your decor without taking up much space. A space-saving design allows you to place this industrial floor lamp anywhere you want.

You may use the lamp as a bedside reading light, living room couch lamp, floor reading lamp or office standing lamp. This simple industrial floor lamp has a sleek narrow metal frame in black finish. In combination with exposed light this black floor lamp lends a subtle industrial edge.

Farmhouse & Rustic Floor Lamp

34. Kenroy Home Ashlen Floor Lamp

rustic floor lamp

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Light your décor with the botanical style of the Ashlen Floor Lamp from Kenroy Home. Beautifully crafted, it has decorative accents of simulated vines in curved organic shapes as well as a tan tapered drum shade to cast a warm glow. From the rich earthen tones of the oil rubbed bronze finish to the finishing touch of the leaf-shaped finial, this floor lamp exudes rustic flare from head to toe.

This rustic floor lamp is also topped with a classic bell shade with neutral-toned fabric for a touch of traditional appeal. This is one of the best floor lamps to buy that will bring not only a warm glow to your home, but also a pop of unexpected elegance.

Outdoor Floor Lamp

35. Kenroy Home Tanglewood Outdoor Floor Lamp

outdoor floor lamp

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Standing at 58-inches tall, the Tanglewood outdoor floor lamp will serve as a stylish addition to your outdoor living area.

Coming in a bronze finish, this outdoor floor lamp features a simple support rod that leads up to the stunning shade. Natural-looking all-weather rattan forms into a swirling pattern around a drum shade while the white glass inner shade peaks out from in between the swirls.

The dual shade look adds a sense of depth and visual interest to the light, drawing the eye to the very top of the lamp. This outdoor floor lamp is perfect to be placed on the porch with patio furniture in neutral tones.

Crystal Chandelier Floor Lamp

36. Coaster Home Furnishings Arc Floor Lamp with Poly Crystal Shades Chrome

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Pour on the glamour as you outfit a contemporary space. This elegant crystal floor lamp pushes the envelope on edgy style and adds just a touch of traditional, romantic charm. Three arched rods suspend poly crystal beads and supply an exceptionally stunning flavor. Chrome and black blend to change up the personality of its body and base.

Ikea Floor Lamp

37. Ikea Holmo 46-Inch White Floor Lamp

Ikea floor lamp

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Ikea offers a wide range of floor lamps for customers that are achieved by combining function, quality, design and value, including reading lamps, arc floor lamps, tripod floor lamps, modern floor lamps, torchiere floor lamps, etc. One of the best Ikea floor lamps on the market today is the Holmo 46-Inch White Floor Lamp. This lamp has a very unique design and a silly cheap price.

The Ikea Holmo floor lamp has a simple, efficient and attractive design that fits in with the contemporary or eclectic interior design. The lamp has a paper shade that produces nice soft light. As it puts off a soft glow at night, this Ikea floor lamp woold be best for your bedroom.

You can use this Ikea floor lamp for your living room, but because the lamp isn’t bright enough to light a room, you should only use it to make your living room warm and inviting. You can change the mood of the room by putting a color-changing light bulb.

38. Ikea Antifoni Floor/Reading Lamp

ikea reading lamp

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One of the best Ikea floor lamps for reading and task lighting is the Antifoni Floor/Reading Lamp. With this reading lamp you easily direct the light onto your book or magazine because the lamp arm and head are adjustable. As the light can be dimmed, you are able to choose lighting suitable for every occasion. The lamp is easy to move around, too, so you can make any space a little cozier.

Conclusion: our advice on choosing the best floor lamp for your space:

Floor lamps are absolutely essential to the design of your rooms. When chosen wisely, floor lamps can become amazing accent pieces, that can not only provide you with the type of lighting you need most – task lighting or ambient lighting – but can also determine the whole mood of the room as well as your personal style.

Since there are a lot of styles, designs, sizes, and finishes of floor lamps available on the market now, finding the best floor lamp to go for can be daunting.

But after all, the most important thing is to go with a style that you love. One more thing is you have to decide where to place your floor lamp before making a purchase. A floor lamp is a great way to turn negative space into positive design features, adding depth and character and bringing the room to life.

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