Best Garden Sheds For The Money in 2019

Outdoor garden sheds are becoming very popular today, particularly in the UK and US. They provide a variety of solutions for all of your home and garden storage needs. The sheds are available in a range of sizes and designs, there are so many options that suit your available space, including particularly large sheds that are ideal for storing everything from garden tools like your lawn mower or gear to bicycles. More compact plastic sheds enable you to store your tools and accessories while taking up minimal space in your garden.

Buy the right garden sheds is one of the most important things you need to help you grow, protect your most valued outdoor items. If you want to choose the best shed for your garden, this guide will bring you some helpful tips on the things you need to consider. Before you reach out to our detail buying guide, consider these best garden sheds we’ve compiled:

1. Arrow Shed BW54 Brentwood Shed (5ft x 4ft)

The compact Arrow Brentwood 5′ x 4′ Shed is shed for mid-sized applications which provides convenient storage in narrow, hard-to-fit locations. There is 93 cubic feet of storage for small lawn equipment, pool accessories and other items from sports equipment to bicycles. It made by Vinyl Coated Steel that is electro galvanized and coated with vinyl, providing exceptional corrosion resistance as well as a 5X thicker coating than standard steel buildings.

At only four feet in depth, it easily fits along the side of your home, and its taupe and coffee finish blend nicely with most home exteriors. Larger items will have a tough time getting and fitting in. A push lawn mower, for instance, may only fit if the handle is folded up. And even then it will be a struggle to get it in, once you have other equipment in there.

The Arrow Brentwood is very easy to install pre-cut and pre-drilled holes. Beyond the Brentwood’s outstanding affordable price, you will get a 12-year limited warranty if you buy this item. This shed is a great inexpensive option for a backyard shed.

Some great Arrow’s shed accessories such as Shelving System Kits and Tool Hangers can help you make full use of your shed, maintain its attractiveness and maximize its lifespan. If you love sheds from Arrow but want to buy a larger version, the Arrow Shed GS83 (8ft x 3ft) is a wise choice.

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2. Rubbermaid Roughneck Plastic Medium Storage Shed,106-Cubic Feet

The Rubbermaid Roughneck is just the right size to store your push mower and other gardening tools, recreational equipment, and anything else you need for your outdoor activities. It comes from Rubbermaid, that is a famous brand known for producing durable and touch home storages with nearly 80 years of history.

The shed is easy to assemble and with the use of Rubbermaid wall anchors you can easily organize your belongings inside the shed. The shed also comes with four skylights and two windows for natural lighting inside.

You can fully customize your shed with shelving, racking, and pegboards to meet your personal needs.

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3. Keter Manor Large 4 x 6 ft. Resin

I love Ketera and I think you would. They provide so many lovely products for home. Keter Plastic is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of resin-based household and garden consumer products. Each and every Keter product is thoughtfully engineered to combine the durability of plastic, attractive design, and unparalleled functionality. And the Keter Manor 4ft x 6ft is one of the best choices for the mid-sized garden shed.

The sleek and slim Manor 4x6S shed is designed to fit in narrow spaces, just like those small spaces between a house and a fence. It’s constructed out of weather-resistant, has double wall extruded panels and comes with a floor panel. Its sturdy, well-designed frame ensures that you can count on our durable shed for years to come. This shed is equipped with a ventilation vent at its peak to help circulate air. These features prevent the shed from becoming too musty during hot or wet weather.

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4. Suncast Wood/Resin Vertical Shed (4’8″x2’6″x6’5)

This Suncast Wood/Resin vertical shed is for those who are looking for a place to store away their garden and want to buy an attractive wooden shed for the garden. This shed made from natural cedar which looks really eye-catching.

This shed is extremely durable and easy to assemble. Even for those not particularly handy this unit should be a cinch to assemble; the pieces are pre-cut and pre-drilled and the instructions are easy to follow. Once up you will see that the shed is pretty to look at and has that nice woody smell.

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5. Suncast BMS6810D Everett Storage Shed, 6 x 8′

Suncast is one of the most trusted American company on the market that offers custom wood structures and resin products for homes.

The Suncast 6 x 8 Everett Storage Shed is the solution to your outdoor storage needs. This beautiful shed was made of durable double-wall resin which is easy to maintain. Metal-reinforced shingle-style roof panels are rigid and are designed to withstand heavy snow loads in winter. Both skylights and door windows provide natural light inside for easy navigation. Reinforced floors allow you to store heavy items inside and keep unwanted critters out. Easy to grip lockable handles provide security for your valuables. Assembly is a breeze and requires minimal tools with the easy bolt technology.

This shed is extremely high quality and will last a long time with no issues. Great option for garden.

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6. Backyard Discovery Wood Ready Shed (8ft x 8ft)

If you have large space in your garden, we would recommend you buy this shed. The Ready Shed from Backyard Discovery is the simplest and fastest do-it-yourself solution to any of your outdoor storage and organizational needs. It is one of the highest quality, most durable wood shed that will last for years.

The shed is 8×8 and seems to be an ideal size for your yard and any items you want to store in it: lawn equipment like mowers and tillers. Unlike other unassembled sheds, this unit comes delivered entirely in one self-contained crate, with everything needed for assembly. All nails, screws, flooring and pre-cut shingles are included, enabling a hassle free assembly that takes as little as one day to construct by one person.

You can choose from a peak-style roof or a barn style roof to fit in with your garden decor. Its roof is large enough to put your 200-watt solar panel system on it. This shed is expensive but the quality comes at a premium price. Overall, I think that the Backyard Discovery Ready Shed is perfect for any backyard and is well worth the cost.

Video: Building the Ready Shed:

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7. Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed (8 x 15ft)

This shed looks really nice! To be honest, this shed looks like a house with a double door and 2 windows, not a garden storage. It’s great storage solution for those who are looking for a high-end option with a lot of storage space. It’s not only built for superior strength and durability, it also has an attractive appearance and design to accent the beauty of your backyard.

The Lifetime 6446 shed also features several shelving units and peg strips to help you keep those tools organized and right at your fingertips. Constructed of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic and reinforced with powder-coated steel, this attractive outdoor shed is built to weather the storms year after year. Although people typically think of plastic sheds as light and flimsy, this one is a heavyweight and hits the scale at 751lbs (340kg). Best of all, there is no painting required!


Overall, this nice looking shed has a very homey feeling to it and would make a great addition to any backyard garden.

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Which type of Garden Shed would suit you best?

It is quite difficult to know which type of shed is best for your garden. But basically, a firm, the level base should be the starting point for any shed or garden building. Without this the structure is likely to be assembled improperly – screw holes will not line up correctly, doors may not fit their doorways and the quality and service life of your shed could be greatly reduced.

There are 3 main options you should consider when choosing a shed: plastic shed, wooden and metal shed.

1. Wooden Shed

Wooden sheds are the most popular type of shed for the garden, they are the classic type we all know and love.

Wooden sheds are made from softwoods – usually pine (sometimes referred to as redwood or red deal) or spruce (white deal). A few are larch or Douglas fir and, in theory, these should be slightly more resistant to rot. Most rot-resistant of all are cedar sheds, but these are almost twice the price of pine cones.

Available in a range of sizes and styles from the conventional apex shed to the pent style or even with a lean-to canopy. These can be used for storage of bike, gardening equipment, garden furniture, etc or simply used as a place to potter and tinker. Depending on the timber treatment, wooden sheds will last for at least 10 years and even longer with the regular preservative application.

Wooden sheds are the best choice since it offers visual appeal compared to the two counterparts. The fact that wood easily blends into most backyard surroundings makes it a popular demand among homeowners and gardeners.

2. Plastic Shed

Outdoor garden plastic sheds are becoming very popular due to their durability, ease of assembly, and weather-resistant structure. Plastic sheds offer an alternative to wood, they are light, relatively maintenance-free, and usually fit together easily. Taking them apart when moving house should also be straightforward. It is a great option for people who want a storage solution which is easy to assemble and low maintenance.

Plastic sheds can withstand the problems that metal and wooden sheds owners usually encounter. Their structure resists moisture, humidity, insect infestations and rotting. Additionally, this type of shed does not require treatment or protective coating unlike wood and metal. However, in common their looks may less attractive than wooden sheds and metal sheds.

3. Metal Shed

Most sheds sold on the market are wooden sheds, then plastic sheds, but there is another option: metal sheds. Metal sheds are an uncommon option, they are a strong, durable, secure and long lasting option for your garden storage. They won’t rot or burn down like wooden sheds or plastic sheds, but they aren’t exactly pretty and can be tricky to assemble.

The metal garden sheds are extremely heavy, as they are built from thick steel panels. They can also be bolted down to concrete. Unlike flimsy wooden sheds – a metal shed cannot be easily moved or picked up. A thin metal roof may not strong enough to resist the heavy weight of the accumulated snow during winter season or debris. Cheap metal sheds are prone to rusting, which can occur as soon as just one year of usage.

Selecting the SIZE of your Garden Shed

It’s important to decide on what size of shed you are going to use in your garden. To select the right size for your garden shed, there are several questions to ask yourself:

  • How much room do you have where you want to place the shed?
  • How do you plan to use your storage shed?
  • What do you plan on storing in your unit?
  • What are the dimensions of the largest items you plan to store in your shed?
  • Path to placement?

If you have space, we’d recommend you opt for a shed measuring at least 6ft x 8ft, the most widely choice is a shed of 8ft x 10ft with double doors.

Size of 8ft x10ft sheds:

Design of Outdoor Garden Shed

It’s important to remember that your outdoor shed is not merely a utilitarian item that you buy solely to serve its practical function. Whether you like it or not, your shed’s appearance will affect the overall appearance of your property. Therefore, you should try your best to choose a shed design that complements the design of your home. Select one with a rustic design for a country-style house. If your house’s style is more formal, select an outdoor storage shed with formal features to match.

You should consider providing your garden shed with light. Garden landscape solar-powered lights are an excellent choice because they’re effective, easy to install and many options to choose from.

Price vs. Quality

Some shoppers, once drawn to the cheapest price, immediately thereafter put blinders on and ignore alternatives. What’s wrong with this approach is that the most high-quality sheds such as those sided with vinyl and cedar are only a couple hundred dollars difference in price. Before you go, consider our above top picks of the best garden shed, you might get a high quality shed with just few hundred dollars. If you know it initially, you guarantee the quality of your shed and ensure that it lasts you for as long as possible.

Things to Avoid

  • Don’t buy a small shed just because it is the cheapest option. Look at your storage needs. Better to buy a larger shed in the first place than have to replace it later.
  • Security is an important issue. Most household insurance will not cover equipment stored in a garden shed, as most locks are easily broken or removed by thieves. It is wise not to store good quality tools or expensive equipment in the shed, especially if there is easy access to the garden. Steel sheds are generally bolted to a prepared paved base, and can prove structurally more secure. Incorporate a damp-proofing membrane into the base in such cases to protect the stored materials.
  • Most timber sheds will need to rest on a prepared paved base, although it may be useful to consider raising the base on brick battens (engineering brick is particularly good). This will prolong the life of the floor timbers by keeping them away from the damp ground. Some even rest on a steel base.


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