The Best Pedestal Fans

Pedestal fans, also known as standing fans, provide a quick cooling solution in a variety of situations. Household pedestal fans are great for creating a more comfortable environment in the bedroom, living room, and office without becoming a drain on your electrical bill. Lightweight and portable, they offer great flexibility to move from space to space with minimal effort (unlike with ceiling fans).

Searching for the best pedestal fan can be overwhelming. There are a seemingly multitude of different variations of pedestal fans on the market. To help you narrow down your choices, we review, discuss and recommend some of the best rated pedestal fans that we feel are worth your money.

Best Pedestal Fans & Standing Fans To Buy

What is A Pedestal Fan?

Pedestal fans provide comfortable cooling and continuous air circulation both indoors and out. These fans feature heavy-duty pedestals or stands that are often adjustable in height to offer cooling at different positions to suit your preference with height can be set anywhere from 2 to 5 feet off the ground.

Many pedestal fan heads are also adjustable to allow for air circulation at different angles. That means you can position a stand fan to circulate the air around you while you relax in your favorite chair, work at your desk, or rest for the night. Popular features of pedestal fans include multiple fan speeds, remote control operation, programmable timers, and oscillating controls.

Pedestal fans are ideal for all applications from personal use (such as cooling around the house, including your bedroom, living room, office, or patio) to commercial use (such as cooling garages, shops, or manufacturing factories). Misting pedestal fans disperse water while they cool and are best suited for an outdoor environment.

Pedestal Fans VS. Tower Fans

Pedestal fans are generally more powerful than the tower fan. You’re still able to get a very powerful tower fan but it would be loud. With pedestal fans, you can adjust the height. While most tower fans offer no control over height, you can only direct air side to side.

Tower fans are a bit more versatile than pedestal fans in terms of design. While pedestal fans have large blades and a heavy stand, tower fan’s slender design allows them to fit in tight corners, while still providing ample air flow.

Both the pedestal fan and tower fan don’t chill the air as good as a window AC or a portable AC, but they’ll still cool you down at a tiny fraction of the running cost. Most pedestal fans could be run 24/7 for an entire summer and you’d only pay about $30 or less for the electricity used.

Is a Pedestal Fan quiet?

Because they require moving parts and motors, pedestal fans will add some noise to any environment. However, most of today’s standing fans are relatively quiet, manufacturers have tried to minimize intense noise production to facilitate easier integration of the fan into any setting.

If noise level is of particular concern to you, try to buy a quiet pedestal fan, such as the Rowenta Turbo Silence Pedestal Fan – has a decibel rating of only 40 dB, is quieter than a whisper conversation. However, most pedestal fans tend to run a little quieter than air conditioners, and much quieter than evaporative coolers.

Best Pedestal Fans & Standing Fans To Buy

1. Lasko 1843 18″ Cyclone Pedestal Fan

Best Pedestal Fan with Remote Control – Our Pick

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Our pick for overall best pedestal fan is the 18″ Lasko 1843 Remote Control Cyclone Pedestal Fan. This fan is affordable, powerful and capable of covering a significant portion of your room. It operates quietly, which is the thing you want in a bedroom or living room fan. It delivers consistent high wind speeds and circulates air better than the most other pedestal fans in its price point.

The Lasko Cyclone Pedestal Fan features three speeds offer an array of cooling options and the programmable, electronic timer can be set for energy-efficient, nighttime cooling. Widespread oscillation helps cool large home spaces and the remote control and unit are easy to interface with and the fan is easy to adjust.

In addition to height adjust-ability, this pedestal standing fan also tilts back to give you more flexibility when it comes to directing air flow. With the press of a button, you can turn on the fan’s widespread oscillation which allows the head of the fan to move from side to side, distributing air flow to a wide area.

We also find that the Lasko Cyclone has a very modern, high-tech look. It’s pretty sturdy, well built, and quite heavy in contrast with other similar price fans. Because of the wide base, it will take a bit more space than usual, but this in combination with how heavy it is will actually assist in not being tipped over too easily.

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2. Rowenta Turbo Silence Pedestal Fan VU5551

Best Quiet Pedestal Fan for Bedroom

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If you’re looking for a pedestal fan for the bedroom, look no further than the Rowenta Turbo Silence Pedestal Fan, this is the best pedestal fan to buy. With noise level ranks from 40 to 57 dB – which equals noise levels recorded in a library or a whisper conversation – the Rowenta Turbo Silence is one of the quietest pedestal fans. This fan also outperforms most competitive products in terms of features.

Featuring four speeds and a 5-blade propeller, the Rowenta Turbo Silence provides a powerful airflow up to 1695 CFM. These 5 blades are uniquely engineered for utmost quietness. The oscillating fan head pivots up to 90 degrees left, right, up and down, and can be used for personal or medium-room cooling. The control panel can be regulated remotely or manually, has three mid-to-high speed settings and an additional turbo-boost function exclusive to Rowenta.

The Rowenta Turbo Silence pedestal fan features a convenient and contemporary design that won’t distract from your interior decor. It definitely works well, and with the juxtaposition of highly modern design, yet simple in how it operates – it seems to be the perfect balance. If you’re willing to spend a little more than average for a quiet pedestal fan – or if you’re shopping for the bedroom to get the best sleep possible, this standing fan will definitely fulfill your needs.

Video: How to Install Rowenta Turbo Silence Pedestal Fan

3. Lasko 1646 16″ Remote Control Pedestal Fan

Best Cheap Pedestal Fan

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One of the best affordable pedestal fans available is the Lasko 1646 16″ Remote Control Pedestal Fan. This fan has all the standard features, including 3-speed setting, adjustable height & tilt-back head, oscillating movement, built-in timer, and remote control.

Although this fan is low priced, it seems a quite powerful pedestal fan. In fact, its lowest speed seems to be as powerful as some pedestal fan’s medium speed and its medium seems to be higher than some pedestal fan’s high speeds. This fan has a low, medium and high speed. Even at high speed, it’s not loud, it does make white noise – which is good for sleeping. So you can enjoy the white noise and cooler temperature while falling asleep.

4. Designer Aire Oscillating Outdoor Standing Pedestal Fan

Best Pedestal Fan for Outdoors

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Looking for the best pedestal fan to stay cool outside? The Designer Aire Oscillating Outdoor Standing Pedestal Fan will add comfort and ambiance to your porch, patio or outdoor living space. It’s perfect for defining your space with something that’s beautifully made and uniquely designed.

This decorative outdoor pedestal fan is constructed of high-quality brushed stainless steel, and finished with weatherproof U/V-resistant automotive paint. The weighted base provides stability for windy conditions. This pedestal fan is adjustable in height using the telescoping neck piece that allows you to adjust it between 40-51 inches. It features a three-speed 45 watt outdoor rated motor.

Available in 7 different colors and styles, the Designer Aire Outdoor Pedestal Fan is sure to suit the needs of your space and complement any home decor.

5. Vornado VFAN Sr. Pedestal Vintage Air Circulator Fan

Best Pedestal Fan with Vintage Look

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Not only looks beautiful with classic lines and a light green or white semi-gloss finish, the VFAN Sr. Pedestal Vintage Air Circulator Fan from Vornado provides powerful airflow for whole-room cooling via the innovative Signature Vortex Action technology – the air is moved in all directions at once allowing for an even airflow distribution.

The VFAN Sr. pedestal fan is one of the most expensive pedestal fans on the market, but it’s made with a quality built to last and circulates air better than most other pedestal fans.

This fan has one of the widest vertical tilt ranges of the pedestal fans we reviewed. It can tilt 180 degrees in either direction; the only thing that stops it from tilting 360 degrees is the cord. It doesn’t oscillate, but it doesn’t need to. The twin air cones, deep-pitched propeller blades and vortex action mean that air moves outward in a spiral, so it travels further.

The VFAN Sr. pedestal fan can be easily adjusted between 42 and 55 inches so that you can set it to set to your needs. With 3 speed options, you’ll be dialing in your precise speed up to 613 CFM in no time at all. A long 6-foot power cord means that it’s almost never out of reach of an electrical outlet. When it’s time to clean, simply vacuum the inlets with any traditional household vacuum cleaner. The unit’s grill can be easily removed for washing with mild dish washing soap and a rag.

This standing fan, with the mix of modern technology and classic charm, is one of the best pedestal fans for any room in your home, especially for a living room with a mid-century modern style. Despite a high wind velocity, it is one of the most quiet pedestal fans available. And with a warranty of up to 5 years, you can’t go wrong.

6. Vornado 6803DC Energy Smart Pedestal Fan

Best Energy-Efficient Pedestal Fan

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In addition to Vornado’s unique design, the Vornado 6803DC Energy Smart Pedestal Fan also features incredible energy smart electronic functions that are designed to help you lower or raise your thermostat while lowering your energy bill.

Although this pedestal fan uses only 59 watts of power, it creates an incredibly powerful airflow up to 485 CFM, pushing air 85 feet across any room. You can be seated anywhere in the room and still feel the fan. Combining a more-powerful, brushless DC motor with legendary Vornado engineering, this fan uses up to 80% less energy than you would with a comparable AC motor product. That’s really impressive.

Another key feature that makes the Vornado 6803DC standout other best pedestal fans is its 99 variable speeds that allow you to tailor your cool setting easily. Precise touch-sensitive controls plus user-friendly remote control allow you to customize the airflow to fit your needs. This pedestal fan comes with a 10 years warranty.

7. Lasko 2535 Space-Saving Pedestal Fan

Best Pedestal Fan for Small Spaces

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Combine a tower fan with a pedestal fan and you get the Lasko 2535 Space-Saving Pedestal Tower Fan. This fan features everything you’d need in a fan including height adjust-ability, widespread oscillation, directional louvers, built-in timer and remote control. Being to be a tall and slim pedestal fan, with an adjustable height from 41 to 52 in., the Lasko 2535 is ideal for any room where space is limited.

If you own a Lasko 2535 Pedestal tower fan, you might be interested in adding an air filter on the back of the fan to help protect you from allergens like dust and pollen. Honeywell HEPA/Activated charcoal filter for fan is a very good option.


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