The Best Portable Fire Pits for Outdoors

I love to spend my free time outside in summer with my friends and family, sitting around the backyard fire pit to enjoy the fresh night air. A fire pit or fire bowl add warmth, light, and atmosphere to any outdoor area, whether you are sitting around a backyard or a camping site.

If you’re thinking of putting the ambiance of nature flame to your backyard or other outdoor setting but don’t have time to build your own, consider buying a portable fire pit. A portable fire pit is a simple way to bring the “mobile fireplace” to your deck and patio, it is easy to clean, mobile that doesn’t involve really any installation. Plus, it’s cheaper than you’d think and you can choose between many available styles and sizes, wood or gas-burning that will depend on your backyard/outdoor space. Also, some portable fire pits are small enough to take with you on a road or camping trip.

Whether you want to make your backyard more fun or a family-friendly outdoor place to gather, take a look at 8 best truly portable fire pits below to consider that will meet your needs or budget.

1. Fire Sense 29-Inch Folding Fire Pit

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A folding fire pit is a perfect choice for any type of backyard or takes it on your camping trip there are no barbeque facilities available. This 29-inch Folding Fire Pit from Fire Sense is a wood-burning fire pit, it’s very lightweight (just 7 pounds) and its legs can be folded so that it can fit inside your backpack.

The Fire Sense Folding has a sturdy design and made from durable heat resistant painted steel ensures outdoor durability and prevents damage from sunlight and harsh flames. Its folding legs are very easy to use and no tools are required for assembly, fold out and lock for a sturdy feel. It is made to also use as a grill, making it the ideal fire pit for camping or grilling on the go. It’s also great for those who are living in an RV.

Additionally, the fire pit comes with a wood grate, cooking grate, and screen lifting tool. The wood grate makes placing your logs easy while allowing air to the fire, the cooking grate is perfect for grilling your next meal and the screen lift tool allows you to replenish flames throughout the evening and safely remove the spark screen.

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2. Solo Stove Bonfire – Near Smokeless Backyard & Patio Fire Pit

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The Solo Stove Bonfire is one of the most successful product built on Kickstarter. It is the most efficient and beautifully designed fire pit for your outdoor bonfire experience. The Bonfire is engineered to maximize efficiency to burn hotter but minimize smoke. It’s the most beautiful single unit fire pit I’ve ever seen.

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The Bonfire gets power from logs, larger sticks or woody debris, to fuel the fire while the air intake holes on the bottom pull air in towards the fuel source. While air is being pulled in, the double-wall construction allows air to be heated up and fed through the top vents providing an extra boost of pre-heated oxygen, creating a secondary combustion and a beautiful flame that your family and friends will enjoy watching!

Solo Stove Bonfire was meticulously engineered to be the cozy center piece for your next camping trip or backyard outing. And the best part is it’ll be entertaining and warming friends and family for generations.

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3. Outland Firebowl Deluxe Portable Propane Fire Pit

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The Outland Firebowl Deluxe is a portable and convenient fire pit allows to add an authentic ambiance light to any outdoor activity. This CSA certified fire pit is safe to use during most campfire bans, you can bring the warmth and experience of a cozy campfire with you anywhere outdoors.

This 58,000 BTU fire bowl provides a clean and smokeless flame which provides instant warmth and a genuine campfire experience anywhere you go. It’s made from high-quality steel with a protective powder coating and enamel finish for long lasting durability. The fire pit is relatively lightweight at 23.3 pounds and depending on your entertaining plans, you can easily move it around your garden. Combine with a very attractive design, it’s must-have part in your backyard, patio or porch.

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4. Camp Chef Sequoia Fire Pit

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Hook this fire pit up to your BBQ propane tank and you’ll have a nice fire that won’t leave scorch marks. The Camp Chef Sequoia portable propane fire pit can be set up in a couple of minutes, perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in the evening with friends and family.  As it is CSA approved and unthreatening towards most burn bans, feel free to pack up the Sequoia in your RV and hit the road for camping!

The Sequoia gives out a lot of heat as the gas tank can produce up to 55,000 BTU and the flames burn clean so you do not have to worry about your party guests being blinded by smoke. You can control the height of the flame, so with the included roasting sticks, you can get your marshmallows golden toasted or lightly blackened as you like them. The fire pit also includes a base and high-pressure burner, lava rock, 2 roasting sticks, and a carry bag.

5. Landmann Big Sky Wildlife Fire Pit

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Enjoy the ambiance and inviting atmosphere of fellowship that a Big Sky Fire Pit can bring to your camp or patio. This decorative wood-burning fireplace keeps your fire safely contained. It simplifies meal preparation and adds character to your campsite or patio.

The pit is made from durable steel construction with a black painted finish and the pit’s surface features attractive wildlife cutouts that reflect the golden glow of the flames inside the pit. Its legs are sturdy that ensure to use throughout the year.

The Big Sky Fire Pit comes with a full-size cooking grate, fire poker, and spark screen. Cooking grate allows you to grill your favorite meats or fish, elevating your outdoor entertaining. Fire poker allows you to stoke flames from a distance for safe, long-lasting warmth. And Spark screen reduces the risk of flying embers for added safety.

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6. CobraCo SH101 Hand Hammered Copper Fire Pit

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This hand-hammered copper fire pit from CobraCo is slightly large and heavy to take on a road trip but light enough to easily be moved into a garden shed or garage for the winter. The CobraCo Copper Fire Pit is extra deep so that you can enjoy bigger fires that will last for hours as you entertain family and friends.

If you are looking for a fire pit to use at home, the CobraCo Copper Fire Pit is a great option because you can place it wherever you want around your yard, garden, or patio.

This fire pit comes with a heavy-duty wire mesh screen cover complete with handle that is finished with high-temperature paint. This way you can enjoy a hearty fire without worrying about flying sparks or embers. The included vinyl cover features an elastic stretch band that holds the cover securely on the fire tub to protect it from snow, rain, and leaves.

This copper fire tub is hand hammered and uncoated to provide a rustic texture and charm. Like any natural material that is left outdoors, the copper finish will be affected by the environment and/or heat from the fire. The natural copper finish will develop a beautiful patina creating a weathered appearance that will blend naturally with other outdoor elements to create harmony and authenticity.

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7. Camco’s Propane Portable Little Red Campfire

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This compact, lightweight fire pit is truly portable for everyone on the go. The Camco’s Propane Portable Little Red Campfire allows you to take your campfire with you. No mess, no ash and no need to gather firewood, you can have a campfire wherever you go.

The Little Red Campfire propane fire pit comes with a log set and is ready to hook up to a standard LP gas cylinder. It can be used for campsites with fire restrictions against in-ground fires. It has a self-storing carrying case, a big handle on the top that makes carrying it very easy. Sturdy lid and secure latches make the Little Red Campfire safe and easy to transport.

This fire pit includes an adjustable regulator with a maximum output of 65,000 BTU of heat. Realistic log piece and full 9-1/2″ diameter ring burner help create the natural look and ambiance of wood-burning campfires. It combines strong steel construction with very attractive red color designs that become a beautiful addition to your home or your campsite.

With competitive pricing and superior quality, the Little Red Campfire is a great choice for use in campground or backyard, now you and your family can enjoy a wonderful campfire experience and keep warm on a chilly mornings or nights!

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8. Sunnydaze Flaming Ball Moons and Stars Fire Pit

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Add this gem of a fire pit to your patio, backyard, cabin or other outdoor space. The Sunnydaze Flaming Ball fire pit takes bonfires to a whole new level with its steel mesh fully enclosed spherical design. It is a fully enclosed fire pit that lets you see nearly your whole fire in action!

As it has only 24-inch diameter x 28 inches tall, weighs approximately 28 pounds, the Sunnydaze Flaming Ball is portable and is ready to be with you anywhere you go. It is made from a durable metal and metal mesh material and features a contemporary X design that looks great and adds stability to the fire pit. Plus, the steel stars and moons on the side add extra appeal to the shadows and light your fire will make at night.

Safety is key, the steel and mesh construction of the fire pit keeps the fire fully enclosed keeping large sparks and embers in the fire pit, so you can enjoy the dancing flames and don’t have to worry about anything else. When done, the included protective cover will keep the rain out and any firewood left inside it dry. If you are looking for a perfect portable campfire, we’d highly recommend this unit.

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