31+ Best Greenhouse Kits To Buy For Year-Round Gardening

There’re many reasons why you should own a greenhouse. Having a greenhouse allows you grow year round. A greenhouse is great for everyone who loves plants whether you have hours and hours to devote to gardening or just a few minutes a week.

Greenhouses allow you to get a head start with your seedlings and help your plants survive the frost in the fall. They also provide the benefit of hardening your plants from day one, reducing the risk of losing plants after transplanting or relocation to an outdoor environment.

With a greenhouse, you will start from seed, you can grow just about as many seeds as you want. Often you have more than enough extra greenhouse plants to give away to friends and family. It feels good to be able to share something you made yourself with the people you love! And a greenhouse will provide you many fresh vegetables, they will likely taste better and hold a higher vitamin content.

How A Greenhouse Work

Greenhouses work in myriad ways to nurture plants. They trap solar heat and energy through their glass or plastic housing. In these conditions, seedlings can be sprouted earlier, extending the growing season. The warmer environment also allow some plants to be grown and harvested year round, while other setups can help you overwinter your plants until the next spring. Added benefits include trapping moisture, encouraging a more humid environment, and protecting plants from pests and predators.

How to Buy A Greenhouse

To figure out which greenhouse is the right for you, you need to know is how much growing space you will need. Keep in mind, that a greenhouse is a long-term investment. Your selection should be large enough to provide ample room for years to come. In many instances, greenhouse owners end up wanting more square footage than they originally thought. In addition, if you plan to grow vegetables, you’ll want maximum light and plenty of headroom, which is also good for hanging plants.

Best Greenhouse Kits

1. Palram Nature Mythos Series Hobby Greenhouse

The Palram Nature Mythos series greenhouse is sure to catch your eye! If features a rust-resistant, brushed aluminum frame and heavy-duty galvanized steel base that is designed to stand the test of time. Your plants will love the diffused light from the clear, twin-wall polycarbonate panels and have the added benefit of twice the heat retention of single-layer panels. Your plants will love it when you water them from the fresh rainwater that you collect from the gutters. Save money by starting your plants early from seed and extending your season by protecting plants from fall frosts. Get growing today and let the Palram Nature Mythos help you bring your green dreams to life.

2. Ogrow Deluxe WALK-IN Portable GREENHOUSE

If you are a garden hobbyist who would like to enjoy flowers and vegetable year round, the Ogrow 77″ H x 56″ W x 56″ D Double Wall Walk-In Greenhouse is perfect for you. This greenhouse is affordable, lightweight and easy to assemble. No hardware needed for assembly! Designed with special heavy duty high-quality plastic connectors for easy 123 assembly. Perfect for your garden, lawn, and backyard and even for patios, decks, and balconies right in front of your home!

3. Coral Coast Round Greenhouse with Shelving

The optimum environment for germination and development, the Coral Coast Round Greenhouse with Shelving allows you to get a head start on your garden. The included two-tier shelving maximizes vertical space, so you can grow more of your favorite tropical plants in an atmosphere more conducive to their healthy development than your yard.

Supported by fiberglass rods, the durable, transparent PVC canopy has a wide doorway for easy entry and loading. When the weather warms, you can roll up the two zippered windows and door, which secure in place with fasteners. The windows also feature screens to encourage ventilation without letting pests in. Gardening enthusiasts will appreciate this Hayneedle exclusive so that they can enjoy their favorite pastime whether rain or shine.

4. FlowerHouse FHCV900 Conservatory Clear Greenhouse

It’s absolutely essential that you maintain the best environment to ready your plants for the outdoor environment. And getting the plants stored in your greenhouse couldn’t be easier. With the Conservatory Greenhouse Kit, all you have to do is open the vents. That starts the process of a acclimatizing your plants to the environmental conditions of your geographical area. The door and screened vents are held open with retro-fitted straps providing space and ventilation while you work. This gives you the ability to produce adequate air circulation with screened window vents placed throughout. Close the vents, and your plants remain protected against harsh weather conditions like frost and snow as well as insects, birds and other pests. So you can grow all year round with the Conservatory GreenHouse Kit. So eveything you need is available for a luscious, vibrant garden.

5. Palram Snap & Grow 6 x 8ft Greenhouse

Gorgeous and easy to assemble, the Palram Snap & Grow 6 x 8 ft. Greenhouse is perfect for turning your backyard into a sanctuary. The crystal-clear SnapGlas panels lock into place easily and are virtually unbreakable. The preassembled split-style door provides easy access and ventilation, while the window has weather stripping and the roof features an adjustable vent to help keep your plants healthy. Great for growing in all seasons, you’ll love having plants, flowers, and produce just a few feet from your own front door.

6. Palram Balance Hobby Greenhouse

You’ve got quite a plant family, so get it started in style while you flex your green thumb with the Palram Balance Hobby Greenhouse. This greenhouse is perfect for beginners and experienced gardeners alike, with a powder-coated aluminum frame supporting thick panels of UV-resistant polycarbonate plastic. Adjustable roof vents let you control airflow and humidity, while the extra-tall, double doors give you easy access to anything from yard equipment to extra shelving or giant pots.

7. Springhouse Clear – Hobby Greenhouse Kits

This portable greenhouse is compact and lightweight for easy transport, setup, and take down. Only minimal assembly is required. One screened door doubles as a vent to provide optimum air circulation. The 100% waterproof Gro-Tec material is UV resistant with rip stop protection for longer life of your greenhouse. It’s perfect for improving climatic conditions in all geographic locations. The greenhouse environment makes it easier to keep your plants green.

8. SpringHouse Flower Forcer

Designed to slide over the top of the Springhouse, the Flower Forcer Greenhouse Kit helps produce early blooms by acting as a blackout shade during the afternoon hours of the day. Flower forcing is done by exposing plants to maximum morning sunlight, then blocking their light in the afternoon, which causes plants to produce blooms, fruits, or vegetables faster than normal. The Flower Forcer can also turn your Springhouse into a storage shed for the off season by creating an ideal environment for gardening supplies, lawn mowers, etc.

9. Ogrow Extra-Large Heavy-Duty Walk-In 2-Tier 12-Shelf

The Ogrow Extra-Large Heavy-Duty Walk-In 2-Tier 12-Shelf Portable Greenhouse protect your plants from too much heat or cold keep them shielded from dust and gale and help to keep pests out

10. CLIMAPOD Virtue Greenhouse

This European style greenhouse kit is made from the strong transparent polycarbonate and aluminum framing. It is perfect for growing organic produce and flowers. Also, if you are looking to have a longer greenhouse you may get two greenhouse kits, assemble them together and have your length to be approximately increased from 14′ to 28′.

11. Quictent 2 Doors Portable Greenhouse Kit

This high quality, large, walk-in greenhouse is crafted with a powder coated steel frame and middle rails for additional stability against the elements. The one-piece rip-stop cover is UV protected and features zippered front door + back door and 5 vents for enhanced ventilation. Great for starting or protecting plants and flowers.

12. Quictent Updated Super Large Zipper Doors Mini Greenhouse

The Quictent Mini Greenhouse offers the perfect solution for those smaller gardens that cannot accommodate a conventional greenhouse. It can protect your plants from too much heat or cold, shield plants from dust and gale, and help to keep out PESTS. It has a strong powder coated steel frame and Transparent PE cover with zips for easy access and ventilation. Easy to set up.

13. Quictent Portable Mini Greenhouse Large Green

This Quictent Mini Greenhouse Large Green will provide a comforting environment for your plants throughout the whole year. The greenhouse will protect your plants from the heat, cold, dust, wind, rain and pests, so they will have the best chance to reach maturity and harvest. It is suitable for some one has a garden or backyard.

14. King Canopy GH1010 10-Feet by 10-Feet Fully Enclosed Greenhouse

The King Canopy GH1010  10’x10’ Greenhouse is durable with its steel frame and bottom rail system to give more stability against inclement weather. The Greenhouse has a one-piece rip stop cover that is UV protected. This cover also has a zippered door and rear vent for ventilation.

15. Palram Chalet Greenhouse Kit

The Chalet greenhouse is a cathedral-style greenhouse with a design that marries function and elegance. The vaulted ceilings not only create a one-of-a-kind hobby greenhouse, they offer an impressive 8 ft. of headroom. Whether for leisure, gardening, or both, the Chalet has the strength and ingenuity to meet all your needs.

16. Palram Americana Greenhouse Kit

The Palram Americana Greenhouse is sophisticatedly designed, offering the precise balance of two advanced polycarbonates panels along with a strong aluminum durable frame so you can start growing earlier and continue growing later, creating a perfect outdoor space.

17. Palram Glory Hobby Greenhouse, 8′ x 12′

The Glory premium class greenhouse is the right answer for the year around gardening enthusiast. The strong and robust gray powder-coated aluminum frame and 10mm thick polycarbonate panels make this a professional grade greenhouse that can be heated and/or cooled for year-round usage. The side louver window and roof vent allow proper air flow for the ideal temperature to keep plants healthy. The heavy duty door is over 31 Inch wide and can be locked. The door threshold allows easy access for wheelchairs or wheel barrows. The gutter system will allow you to collect fresh rain water for your plants. With sidewalls over 6′ tall and a peak of almost 9′ you can trellis your tall and leafy plants or over-winter your small trees. If you are serious about growing, this is your greenhouse.

18. Rion Grand Gardener 2 Clear Greenhouse

The Rion Grand Gardener 2 Clear Greenhouse features a light-diffusing twin wall roof and comes in your choice of either twin wall or clear polycarbonate side panels. The weatherproof frame has simplified assembly with a pin & lock system, while the roof panels now simply slide into place. This heavy-duty extruded resin frame improves both insulation and durability. A barn style roof design provides ample headroom and gives you more space to garden. Double doors allow easy access and provide excellent ventilation. Included roof vent provides additional ventilation. Secure to concrete pad or heavy timber foundation. An optional base kit may be added for additional height and extra stability.

19. ShelterLogic Grow it Greenhouse-in-a-Box

Your plants will receive plenty of airflow and temperature control, thanks to the EasyFlow side panels and zippered half-moon end panel vents. This greenhouse is ready to build right out of the box, and you’ll appreciate being able to grow your favorite fruits and vegetables for your family or cultivate some bright and beautiful plants and flowers throughout the growing season – and even a little beyond.

20. Junior Victorian Greenhouse

The Junior Victorian Greenhouse is one of the premier greenhouses in the line of greenhouses from Janssens of Belgium. It does not only provide a first class quality greenhouse environment, it also adds significant old fashion English style and beauty to your backyard.

21. Gardman 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse

If you and your plants only have a limited amount of space, then this small greenhouse is just what you need. Featuring a 4-tiered shelving system, this mini greenhouse will keep your plants happy and growing.

22. Herb and Flower Garden GreenHouse

This little greenhouse is ideal to produce an abundance of fresh herbs, flowers, vegetables, salad greens and more. Using this small greenhouse allows you to control the heat, moisture, and shade for your plants, giving them a perfect environment in which to grow.

23. Belham Living Cottonwood Wood Raised Greenhouse

This greenhouse features a weathered driftwood finish that will look like it’s been in your garden for many a season. And because it’s constructed of eucalyptus wood, it’s resistant to insects and mold growth over time. The raised legs make this unit stand above the competition as it’s convenient to work with, and the top panels easily prop open. The area of the greenhouse is a spacious 9 square ft., and the base includes a drainage hole for water to flow freely. This greenhouse is the perfect home and we’re sure your plants will love moving in.

24. Gardman Large Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse

The classic Gardman Large Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse is constructed from solid timber and features twin-wall polycarbonate glazing which keeps your plants safer and warmer than traditional glass panels. You’ll finally be able to enjoy fresh produce, plants, and flowers year-long with this easy-to-assemble, large greenhouse. The greenhouse has two hinged lids with locking stays which allow you to control ventilation to keep your plants healthy and thriving.

25. Gardman Growhouse Cold Frame Greenhouse

Made with a solid, rigid wooden frame, the Gardman Growhouse Cold Frame Greenhouse has twin-wall polycarbonate glazing to keep your plants safe and warm. It’s both cost and space-effective that lets you enjoy fresh plants, vegetables, and flowers all year without taking up a lot of space or breaking your budget.

26. Ikea Socker Indoor Greenhouse

“For the SOCKER series, I was inspired by old-fashioned milk jugs, the kind that you still see along small roads in the Swedish countryside. Galvanized steel keeps the products beautiful even after years of intensive use. Most of the products in the series are stackable, which is good both when transporting to the store and when storing at home. Put together, these features make SOCKER a clever, functional and decorative series, for a greener home.” Sarah Fager (Designer)

27. FarmHouse Walk-In Greenhouse

The FarmHouse Walk-in Greenhouse design provides a convenient and effective way to protect your tender shrubs and perennials against damaging winter environments. Set up easily on soil or hard surface. Two large zippered entry doors with screens allow for easy access. The 12 screened vents allow for optimum ventilation and pest protection. With the vents open, outside air circulates throughout the greenhouse to prepare plants for planting in outdoor conditions. With the vents closed, the 100% waterproof Gro-Tec material will promote and maintain high humidity levels desirable for a superior growing environment.

28. ShelterLogic AccelaFrame HD Greenhouse Kit

The revolutionary AccelaFrame System has been engineered to offer quicker frame assembly and disassembly, stronger frame, and easier storage. Fully enclosed, the front door zips up for added handiness so you can bring equipment in and out of the greenhouse. The side walls also allow you to roll them up to let in some fresh air and sunlight.

29. Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable Greenhouse

Featuring a peak height of 9.25 feet and 96 total square feet, the Little Cottage 8 x 12 ft. Colonial Gable Greenhouse with Optional Floor Kit is a beautiful sanctuary that allows you to plant, grow, and enjoy your favorite plants, flowers, and vegetables. Designed to be beautiful and charming as well functional, you’ll love having the option of growing flowers and plants, or even maintaining your own organic garden.

30. Phoenix Solar Shed with Floor, 10 by 8-Feet

The 8×10 Phoenix solar shed is the ultimate space for a gardening shed, greenhouse or sun-filled project room! It’s well-built 10×8 frame provides 509 cubic feet of space for planting, crafting, or storage. With pre-assembled and pre-hung doors, this is the only choice when looking for a DIY greenhouse shed. This unit is great for taller people offering 6-foot tall walls and a 9-foot tall peak in the center.

31. Janssens Royal Victorian 10.1 x 15-Foot Greenhouse

Strong and durable, this greenhouse has a thick and strong aluminum framework with 4mm tempered glass that ensures your greenhouse has enough insulation. This glass is about 1mm thicker than most competitors. The glass panels are of a single glass design which makes your greenhouse stronger and helps to keep it cleaner.

32. Garden Igloo

Garden Igloo is all these things. Convertible, robust and mobile. With its two seasonal covers, it provides shade when it’s too hot and keeps out the cold while you’re waiting for summer to arrive – as a play area for children, storage area, garden shelter, greenhouse, Jacuzzi cover or pavilion. Garden Igloo is both weatherproof and rust resistant, 100% recyclable, can be used all year round and is set up without tools in two hours.

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