Some Grid-tied Inverter Options Recommended for your home Solar System

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After solar panels modules, inverters are the most important Grid-tied PV system component to consider. In this Article, I want to recommend you some grid-tied inverter system options that you could consider for your DIY.

#1: SMA Sunny Boy Inverter

The SMA Sunny Boy is the only grid-tied inverter which includes the secure power supply which can provide a minimal amount of backup power during a power outage provided the sun is shining.

  • It’s a US-made product
  • Highly reliable
  • It’s also your lowest-cost option.

These inverters are designed to work with solar arrays that are positioned in direct sunlight. If you have shade from a nearby obstruction, such as trees, buildings or something else, you would want to consider other grid-tied inverter options.

#2: SolarEdge Inverter

SolarEdge is a highly efficient inverter system because there’s a power optimizer on each solar panel.

It can help mitigate the impact of shade on a portion of your array. SolarEdge is the only grid-tied inverter which includes built-in monitoring at no additional cost, giving you the ability to remotely view system performance from any internet-connected device.

This system includes the Safe DC Voltage feature which means you’re not working with high DC voltage when you’re wiring optimizers together.

This inverter system is also expandable. If you want to add to your array at a later date, you can plug in more optimizers to your existing group of optimizers to expand your system.

SolarEdge offers the best balance between price and features out of any of the grid-tied inverter options we sell. It’s suitable for residential or large commercial systems.

In some cases, our customers will require even more flexibility from their grid-tied inverter system which is when we recommend the Enphase micro-inverter.

#3: The Enphase micro-inverter

The Enphase micro-inverter is a completely modular system where there’s one inverter for every solar panel, so it’s expandable.

It can help mitigate shade but this system is really ideal for people who are starting out small and expanding later. There’s no minimum requirement; you could literally start with one panel and one micro inverter and get your system up and running

This system uses a/c wiring instead of DC voltage so it’s considered to be safer and easier to install especially for the DIY installer. The micro-inverters have a lot of great features including the longest industry warranty at 25 years, advanced monitoring is available with the Envoy hardware,

It’s also the most flexible system if you need several groups and panels at different parts of the roof or different groups of panel facing different directions. Enphase is going to offer you the highest level of flexibility from a grid-tied inverter system.

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