Best Trolling Motors For A Jon Boat

If you have a jon boat, and spend a lot of time with it, choosing from one of many trolling motors that are available is something you should consider. These things are affordable and come in handy whenever you need to move your jon boat through the water quietly without spooking the fish.

There are so many options out there and it’s not all that easy to tell which trolling motor is the best. We’ve done some investigation into the matter. In order to find the best trolling motor for a jon boat, we’ve had to spend more than 40 hours of research involving interviews with professional fishers who own a jon boat. We’ve learned that a 55lb thrust motor is the most popular choice, and the Minn Kota Endura C2 55 Trolling Motor is the best choice for most people. Some folks who spend a lot of time catching fish on their jon boats prefer a trolling motor with i-Pilot functionality for maximum versatility, like the Minn Kota Terrova 55 Bow Mount Motor.

Every expert we spoke to told us that when selecting the best trolling motor for a jon boat, you don’t need to do the math to choose the right size for your trolling motor, which is difficult for most people. They recommended that you should get the highest thrust one you can afford. That will extend your range when you’re on a large lake and will provide extra power when needed such as fighting wind and current or powering through thick vegetation. Some experts told us they will consider getting a decent deep cycle battery as well as a good battery charger when they are purchasing the trolling motor. They said those two things are very important but most people forget.

Ok, if you’re looking for the best trolling motor for your jon boat, here are several great options that we feel are worth your money.

1. Minn Kota Endura C2 55 Trolling Motor – Editor’s Pick

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The Minn Kota Endura C2 55 Trolling Motor is our top pick for the best trolling motor for a jon boat. This motor has a 42″ shaft or a 36” shaft that flexes on impact and is designed not to break. It runs at on a power supply of 12 volts at a fixed speed, and it can run in fresh water at a good speed too. A 10-position bracket that features a quick-release lever lock and reinforced composite material that resists flexing, warping and UV damage.

This transom trolling motor features a power prop that gives you extra strength to help your boat push through even heavy vegetation. It comes with an ergonomic, 6″ telescoping handle and a lever lock bracket that helps you to steer the boat easily and comfortably with a good amount of navigation control even in strong water currents.

The major advantage of the Minn Kota Endura C2 is its quiet operation. It can move a jon boat quietly and smoothly through the water without disrupting the fish. This due to the fact that this trolling motor features the weedless wedge propeller that gives your boat plenty of speed without making too much noise. Large windings and commutators spread out heat and produce cooler operation. The major disadvantage of the Minn Kota Endura C2 is that it doesn’t come with a foot pedal.

2. Minn Kota Terrova Bow Mount Motor 55

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If you’re looking for the best bow mount trolling motor for your jon boat, the Minn Kota Terrova Bow Mount Motor 55 is most likely what you’re looking for. Minn Kota redesigned this model to be one of the most advanced bow mount trolling motor on the market. It comes with many great features that will change the way you fish.

I-Pilot is one of the most advanced features that comes with the Minn Kota Terrova Bow Mount Motor 55. I-Pilot is the most popular GPS trolling system. It delivers speed, steering, Spot-Lock, and the ability to record and retrace paths on the water, all at your fingertips. Spot-Lock uses GPS to lock you onto a fishing spot, it is the most accurate GPS anchor we’ve ever seen.

Here are other great features of the Minn Kota Terrova:

  • Lift-Assist Design: Terrova’s new Lift-Assist Design takes the work out of stowing, making it effortless every single time, so you can raise the motor by barely lifting a finger.

  • Digital Maximizer: for up to five times longer run time on one charge
  • Terrova Foot Pedal with new Spot-Lock Button: Whether you steer heel/toe or right/left, Terrova’s foot pedal has you covered. Responsive, precise control from anywhere on the boat with less than one degree of steering resolution. Plus, a new Spot-Lock button lets you hold onto your fishing spot directly from the foot pedal.

To install this trolling motor on your jon boat, you’ll have to build a sturdy deck area at the top of your boat. But if you want the best, that is what you have to do.

3. Newport Vessels 55lb Thrust Electric Trolling Motor

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If you’re on the budget, this Newport Vessels 55 trolling motor is a great option to consider. This unit has an affordable price but is constructed with relatively good quality materials, and it’s very easy to install and control. Of course, this model cannot be as good as the Minn Kota trolling motors, but it’s still a decent option for the price.

The Newport Vessels trolling motor features an adjustable 30-inch shaft length and an 8-speed control system (5 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds). It runs with any 12-volt deep Cycle battery or marine battery.

One of the main reasons the Newport Vessels 55lb thrust trolling motor stands out against the rest of low-cost trolling motors is that it is saltwater resistant. Minn Kota Endura C2 and MotorGuide R3 (below) cannot say the same, none of them can be used in saltwater.

4. MotorGuide R3 12-Volt Freshwater Transom Trolling Motor

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The MotorGuide R3 Transom Trolling Motors are known as one of the most powerful and durable trolling motors available. It features aluminum alloy construction with a rugged powder coat finish. Stainless hinge pins provide the ultimate in strength, rigidity and durability. Includes an easy-to-use tilt/stow/deploy mechanism and swing over knobs on the clamp screws, allowing you to lock the motor to the transom. A classic 5 speeds forward/2 speeds reverse controls and reversible motor head create a dependable yet versatile motor.

The key feature of the MotorGuide R3 is the Digital Power Management technology. This technology allows extending battery life up to five times. It features durable cooler-running power electronics that are 50% more efficient. It also allows the motor to capture and store energy that is typically lost as heat. This improved efficiency means longer run time and fewer battery charges.

However, when running this trolling motor tends to make more noise than the Minn Kota Endura C2 and the Minn Kota Terrova do.


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