The 10 Best Cordless Drill Brands of 2017

My first drill was a gift from my grandfather for my 19th birthday. He said a drill is a must-have tool for every man who becomes adults. It was a corded drill from Ryobi, I love it so much, it has been my friend for almost 11 years. But 3 year ago, my old Ryobi did not work well, my father advised me to buy a new one, a new cordless drill.

At that time I was not a very experienced DIY enthusiast, and also didn’t have much knowledge about power tools like a cordless drill. There were many choices out there for a cordless drill at many different price levels and it all depends on what I will be using my cordless drill for. To me, I need a lightweight yet powerful drill that can be used for a long time without fatigue and is compact enough to fit in all of the oddly shaped places it will inevitably end up. They need a reliable performance driven power drill and usually want it at a decent price. But there are thousands of items like that. So I decided that the most important thing I need to know was what is the best cordless brand in the market today to make my buying decision.

Finding the best brand of the cordless drill wasn’t as easy as choosing one. I started searching around, asked my friends (he is a professional contractor, a very experienced DIY enthusiast) and tried to figure out the right answer. My results cover cordless drills made by some biggest brand such as Milwaukee, Black & Decker, Bosch, Dewalt, Craftsman, Hitachi, Makita, Ryobi, Porter Cable…and I realized there are big differences between the brands.

Below I reveal the best cordless drill brands as the results of my research which I’ve spent a great deal of time on. So you can still use my results to consider when buying a new cordless drill.

Top Best Cordless Drill Brands

There are a huge number of different brands and manufacturers from many countries that produce cordless drills of various type and quality. If you just want a cheap unit that will work fine on your small projects, something comes from China is the good way to go. A cordless drill from their providers always has a low price and acceptable quality. But if you want a top-level quality in all aspects, you should consider buying a cordless drill from brands of USA, Germany, and Japan. For me though I believe there are 10 really good ones who consistently innovate and try to bring customers the best products. They should be your first priority when buying. There are of course other brands out there, but 10 brands that I have mentioned below truly do dominate the market for the production of cordless drills.


 Black & Decker (Cordless Drill) Review

Black & Decker Corporation is an American manufacturer of power tools, accessories, hardware, home improvement products and technology based fastening systems headquartered in Towson, Maryland. It was founded in 1910 by S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. After several years of contract manufacturing such products as a milk bottle cap machine and a cotton picker, Black and Decker began to design and manufacture their own electric powered tools in 1916. Black and Decker designed a universal motor—the first for electric tool use—which used either alternating or direct current and also a trigger switch modeled after the mechanism in the Colt revolver. The first tool incorporating these innovative elements was a 1/2–inch portable drill with the innovative “pistol grip and trigger switch” that have remained the standard for electric drills ever since. On March 12, 2010, Black & Decker merged with Stanley Works to become Stanley Black & Decker. It remains as a wholly owned subsidiary of that company.

B&D has been a very familiar name in the US when we talk about power tools. They have a long history of making good quality products for customers around the world. Many years ago this was a brand that had a super reputation, but when others started to arrive, the quality of their tools generally started to go down about 10 years back. However, their tools still very good to be used to get every hard job done.

These days, in order to compete with the DeWalt line proving so successful, Black & Decker again decided to make good quality products and they do make them at a very low price. All of their drills sell very well and they all get really high reviews. Good quality at a low price is what makes the Black & Decker range of cordless drills so very popular, usually in the list of the best seller drills on There are a lot of choices for a cordless drill from B&D, they really do have a pretty extensive range.

Top Rated Black&Decker Cordless Drills On

Dewalt (Cordless Drill) Review

From Wikipedia:

The original company was started in 1923 by Raymond E. DeWalt, the inventor of the radial arm saw. The company grew quickly and was reorganized and reincorporated in 1947 as DeWalt Inc.

Black & Decker was long associated with lighter-weight consumer tools such as household appliances, and not the heavy-duty equipment professional builders want. In the late 1980s Michael Hammes, executive vice president and president of the company’s power tools and home improvement group, introduced the “Acura concept,” a notion Honda utilized to enter the upscale automobile market. Black & Decker found it useful to relinquish a name with little appeal to many consumers in the market for construction tools.

DeWalt was acquired in 1960 and continued to produce radial arm saws and other large, stationary, power equipment, Black & Decker expanded the DeWalt name and used this to replace their “Construction Grade” trademark in 1992. In a US-wide market survey done by Black & Decker before its reintroduction, the name DeWalt was recognized by 70 percent of tradesmen. The black and yellow DeWalt design, often associated with safety equipment and advertised on display, helped propel Black & Decker’s profits to new heights.

I love this brand, I think everyone does know that Dewalt makes some of the best tools we are using daily. Professionals and contractors tend to go with Dewalt as their number one choice. Whether you need an electric drill or cordless drill, discover the best drills from Dewalt then it will satisfy you. Their cordless drills are light weight, compact and very easy to use. However, they are very expensive, twice as much as Black & Decker cordless drill. In essence, you are therefore paying for really top notch quality, but that does come at a price. I use these myself and to be honest I would not use anything else. I need a very good one to get the job done and would never be broken when I am working.

Top Rated Dewalt Cordless Drills On

Milwaukee (Cordless Drill) Review

Don’t be confused with the city of Milwaukee, this is Milwaukee Tool. The Milwaukee Tool Corporation is a brand of Techtronic Industries, along with AEG, Ryobi, Hoover, Dirt Devil and Vax. The brand was established in 1924 by A. F. Siebert in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Their bright Red branding makes them be very attractive and nice, looks very strong. Their slogan “Nothing but heavy duty” shows that they have been focusing only on tools for heavy duty jobs. I would say they are at the higher end of the pricing scale. I don’t own any Milwaukee cordless drill but I have used them and my friend also said they are very good, might be better than Dewalt. They view themselves as being a real genuine competitor for Dewalt. They are growing popularity and now they have a large number of fans. Milwaukee cordless drills are comfortable to hold, lightweight and well balanced.

If I had to recommend just one cordless drill brand, it would be Milwaukee. They have made phenomenal strides in recent years, and make some excellent tools. A lot of their focus has been to create solutions to many specific problems and user frustrations.

Top Rated Milwaukee Cordless Drills On

Bosch (Cordless Drill)

We are talking about Bosch, a German multinational engineering, and electronics company headquartered in Gerlingen, near Stuttgart, Germany. It is the world’s largest supplier of automotive components measured by 2011 revenues. I know Bosch, I have used their product and I’m sure you too. I love Bosch products, their tools for home and garden are always the best. As we all know or heard about the quality of German-made products. They are very good, reliable and dependable but very expensive. The high costs of producing make it impossible for German companies like Bosch to compete on the international market in the low price/quality segment.

Power tools from Bosch, such as the cordless drill have new technology to reduce the risk, provide strong power and maximum control. Bosch cordless drill doesn’t just look good, but I think it is one of the best drills in its class. Their drills are serviceable to excellent, and their battery offering is consistent and close to exceptional. You can feel the Bosch quality when you hold the drill.

I have used a Bosch professional cordless drill at work several times and it’s been perfect, taken plenty of abuse in some terrible environments, it’s also nice and small compared to some other cordless drills so can get into fairly small openings. I also have used it at home and it has done everything I have asked it to and I haven’t had any problems. If you are looking for a cordless drill from a trusted brand, then Bosch is the ideal brand for you.

Top Rated Bosch Cordless Drills On

Makita (Cordless Drill)

Makita drills are excellent, on the whole, since the advent of their Star Protection system, and consistently delivers the best motors on the market, save a few particular tools made by other manufacturers. Their 18v lineup is now easily available from big box stores like HD, and online suppliers like Amazon. For a reasonable price, one can pick and choose the cordless drills that make your workflow fast and efficient with a few notable exceptions. Their oscillating tool is a source of shame as it is quite loud, heavy, and tends to need a new gear head every year with moderate use, although it is important to say that there are very few reliable oscillating tools on the market.

Makita gets a very high rating for cordless drill from customers. Makita has been around for a long time (over 100 years) in the business and their tools are made with the contractor/user in mind. You can go to the Makita store and or local Makita repair shop and have them repaired if you have a problem with them.

Makita cordless drills are very expensive, I haven’t seen any Makita cordless drills under $100 (in case of they come with batteries and charger). But if you are looking for a cordless drill on the high-end, you should go with Makita brand. And to get the best value out of Makita, then go for some type of combo kit.

Top Rated Makita Cordless Drills On

Porter Cable (Cordless Drill)

I love Porter Cable, but my love for them is either based entirely on finding their older tool lines or emotional memories…which I am young enough to shake easily. But I hate the direction the Black and Decker folks have taken the company. I have many fond memories of what they used to be, but it seems like B&D are turning them into cheap versions of DeWalt’s.

Porter Cable is seen by many nowadays as the consumer brand, but they aim to be a budget-friendly pro brand. From what I’ve seen, they can better reach such standing if they just shed some of the more consumer-oriented lower-priced portable power tools. Their cordless drill, all respect to Porter Cable, are just not good for anyone. They’re not good enough for pros, they’re not cheap enough for homeowners, and although they are better than all of the low end. But I would say Porter Cable cordless drills are quite durable and the batteries are decent for the price.

Top Rated Porter Cable Cordless Drills On

Hitachi (Cordless Drill)

The cordless drills from Hitachi weren’t as good in my research as other brands like Black and Decker, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Makita and it is light on feature. My friend has had a Hitachi cordless drill for about 6 months now and it has had almost daily use during that time. He said the Hitachi cordless drill has been still good. It’s pretty torquey, smooth with a variety of speed settings. It can get away with small (6.5mm) holes in brick easily. Sometimes it gets physically abused (one was dropped 15ft from a roof onto a timber floor, and they all get used as a construction hammer regularly) and so far they’ve not missed a beat with the batteries still holding a good charge.

But forget about positive things above, I think Hitachi cordless drills don’t have enough power for heavy duty jobs. I don’t believe in them to get the hard job done. I heard about Hitachi power tools a few years ago, their tools used to have a very good quality, as good as Bosch. But since they moved manufacturing to China, quality has gone downhill.

Hitachi provides their cordless drills at a very good price. Hitachi cordless drills will cost you about half of the price of a similar Makita tool. After reading many online reviews, there are many woodworkers who prefer Makita tools, however, simply because they seem to have more power and the batteries last a bit longer. If you are looking for a good power tool for use around your home or for smaller tasks, the Hitachi power tool is an affordable choice. For daily use, though, you may be better off with a Makita power tool. I would choose the Hitachi or Porter Cable in the price range if the Makita, Dewalt or Milwaukee are unaffordable. They seem way better tools than the others in that price range.

Top Rated Hitachi Cordless Drills On

Ryobi (Cordless Drill) Review

The main factor you need to look at when shopping for a cordless drill is what applications you intend to use it for. If you are going to use your cordless drill infrequently for light duty DIY work, then there is no need for you to buy a professional grade power tool like Dewalt or Makita, you just need to buy a Ryobi. Ryobi brand is aimed at the DIYer or home owner.


The Ryobi cordless drills aren’t as efficient with power usage, offering less work per unit of energy storage. So for demanding all-day jobs, pro users will need to carry around a tool box full of batteries to match the same work output in the same amount of time that other platforms offer. But they offer a great quality of tool for the price point they’re at. They are an acceptable cordless drill. If you use your cordless drill once in a while, it’s adequate. It might well last years. It’s decently built and feels OK in your hand.

Top rated Ryobi Cordless Drills On

Craftsman (Cordless Drill) Review

Craftsman is the big name in the mechanic tools and hand tools market. I used to buy tons of craftsmen tools and lawn equipment when I had a Sears hardware store nearby. If someone ask me what is the best brand of mechanics hand tools, I will say it is Craftsman. But about cordless drills, they are not my choice. They are certainly very good tools, something I assume will outlast my lifetime, and may be handed down. But they are not high-end, they don’t have power like Dewalt and Milwaukee, they aren’t cheaper than Black and Decker and they also don’t have many extensions like Hitachi.

Growing up as a kid in the 60’s & 70’s, Craftsman tools were America’s leading tool. It didn’t matter if it was a cordless drill, Craftsman meant quality and their tools were guaranteed for life. They were 100% USA-made. Unfortunately, in the last 10 years, Craftsman also started outsourcing and the quality is gone to crap (one reason Sears is almost gone). Craftsman cordless drill still have a dominating presence in the new Sears drill catalog, but I can’t shake the feeling that there’s less emphasis than ever before.

Top Rated Craftsman Cordless Drills On

Ridgid (Cordless Drill) Review

You might not seem very many Ridgid reviews for two reasons – they don’t release as many new tools as other brands, and because reader interest isn’t always as strong as for other brands. Many Ridgid power tools are also found under TTI’s AEG brand as well, although there are many AEG tools that aren’t available in the USA under Ridgid branding.

In my experience, Ridgid tools are quite good. They’re often well designed, and durable. Some tools might not have the latest and greatest features and specs, while others might offer unique functionality. The Ridgid cordless drills have a high price, as much as Dewalt, but they are not equal in quality.

Top Rated Ridgid Cordless Drills On

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